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I lost quite a few friends over time by not contacting them for years out of fear of being too annoying.

I'm working on it though. While on a trip in Moscow, I reconnected with a couple of old friends, and it felt incredibly good afterwards :-)

It may be hard to see that out of our "tech vegan" bubble, so it bears reminding:

People don't care about their .

This is why so many still use after so many "horrible" revelations about it. They couldn't care less. An easy way to stay in touch with friends is a real value, while privacy violations don't seem to affect the everyday life. Ubiquitous is the most prominent offender, but people got used to it. After all, they've been watching TV their entire life…

@wim_v12e @Terrana @isagalaev I think what might have led to confusion is that the same phrase might be used to mean "Hi, I have noticed you exist and am completing a verbal handshake to confirm that we are conversing with each other" in one area and as a genuine question in another - Tom Scott made a video about it with Gretchen McCulloch and Molly Ruhl recently

Watching Critical Role has started to have serious impact on my ability to do anything productive. I just watched the emotional roller coaster of episode 40 of the first campaign.

I can't think of anything more tedious than being told to use "correct" names for operating systems.

The mail client on @elementary just forced me to obtain a real (not self-signed snakeoil) certificate for my mail server because otherwise it's been acting buggy. Like, archiving and deleting would only work *sometimes*, and saving the trusted exception for this cert didn't work.

But now as I fixed the problem for myself, I lost all the incentive to file bugs and debug the thing :-)

A profound quote of the day for me:

"Every culture should have a couple of outsiders bringing a message from outside of the dominant culture." —

I can't believe I wrote an entire Mastodon client.

Doing the right thing (especially for yourself) doesn’t mean people won’t be upset.

People being upset doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

Bonus brain-melter: you might be doing the right thing for yourself and you might be the one who is upset about it, and that doesn’t change any of the above.

Finally had a chance to map a run in Moscow! Sokolniki is nice this time of year, after summer heat but before everything gets muddy and dull. The only downside so far is people smoking everywhere.

I have no idea how to say "облепиховый чай" in English, but it's what I'm having right now, and I'm happy!

I have a feeling I've been to JFK airport a little too many times lately...

Just finished Fall; or, Dodge in Hell — the latest by Neal Stephenson. I can definitely attest that he remains my favorite Sci-Fi author. This thing was a real page-turner for me, and it's saying a lot because I'm usually too impatient to read long passages of text. But here, I did.

It's 2019 and I'm still using rsync to copy a bunch of files between two laptops on a single network. Surely, I thought, there should be some out of the box discovery protocol working across various Linuxes hooked up into file managers that Just Worked?

Anyway rsync works, so I'm not complaining :-)

As far as I can tell DKIM is just a cryptographically secure way of telling a mail server that you're honestly repesenting yourself as a spammer.

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