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C: What password should I use?
J: 12345
C: But my luggage only has 3 digits...
J: Get better luggage.

Incredibly proud to see the AU tradition of Acknowledgement of Country (from the Coastal Miwok, part of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria) at - first time I’ve seen this at a US conference.

Continuing with an introduction from Federated Indians of Rancheria. This is the most unusual conference I've been to :-)

is starting with guidance on air quality. Climate change affects you in surprising ways.

Also, I am in the quaintest, most stylish hotel I've ever been to: Metro Hotel in Petaluma. No pics yet, as I used a Real Camera™, but too tired to process right now :-)

I will remember today for having a bus transfer from the airport being longer than the flight before it. Hello, traffic on California 1!

But I am finally in Petaluma :-)

Just saw this floating around the Interwebs. It's a clip of Barack Obama calling out "woke" and "call-out" culture. It's worth the two minutes it will take you to watch it.

In reports about automotive accidents there are five major kinds of vehicles: an SUV, a van, a car, a truck and a Tesla. In fact, if the article doesn't have "Tesla" in the title it's a guarantee that the accidents involved some other brand(s).

You couldn't make Toy Story in the future, because nobody will remember playing with generic astronaut or generic cowboy toys. blank slates that you could make original characters out of. Every cowboy toy at the store now is a Woody, every spaceman is a Buzz Lightyear. Even Mr. Potato Head has been re-branded as a Toy Story toy. The world depicted in the movie is unrealistic because it doesn't have Disney branding all over everything, ironically. Disney devoured that world and replaced it.

The only downside, the font on a sample page turned out to be too small for my kid to read, so I had to drop the whole idea unfortunately… But it's nice to know that I could do it!

Why I love : took me ~15 minutes to find how to automatically rearrange pages in a to be printed as a (two pages per one sheet of paper, starting with first/last and ending with the two middle ones. All tools were installable via a single `apt install`. I can't even imagine through how much malware infested crap I would have to wade if I were to attempt that on Windows.

(P.S. the guide:

Funny how news articles' titles about the Katie Hill situation show the publication's affiliation: some of them spin the angle of her being in a "throuple", other press the point that the relationship included a subordinate.

@technomancy the web is as good as dead already, being nothing but a trillion pieces of clickbait with added advertising. Signal to noise ratio is terrible.

I, for one, welcome the return of Gopher and dial-in BBSs!!!
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