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On a related subject, I've been waiting the whole morning to see just how exactly the radical crowd of Mastodon will find to be immoral, given that it's produced by a billionaire.

And they didn't disappoint! Apparently, giving it a rigid body is the manifestation of Musk being afraid of people! I mean, what else could it be, right?

Now as my morning doze of hatred is consumed, I can finally justify tuning out of the Internet and get to work.

So, Electrek thinks Tesla made significant leaps in manufacturing to announce such low price for the base configuration of Cybertruck

I rather think they treat it as the base Model 3: nobody's gonna buy it anyway, so it might as well be a money loser. And the mid configuration is supposed to be a mass seller. I don't have any proofs, it's just a thought…

OMG, I already can't believe the shit storm from a failed window demo during the Tesla cybertruck unveil… That was unfortunate.

new season is starting this Friday (which for me probably means next week, when they upload it to YouTube). I'm actually excited because now, after having watched the previous one, I already know who to root for, and am more or less immersed in the whole circus.

(On a related note, I heard cars still can't follow one another closely? And Hamilton has won the championship again? And I still need to pay for something called "TV" to watch it? Oh well :-) )

I'm trying to make an app, but want to use a maintainable language for core functionality :-), so I thought may be I could use to create a class and call it from

But am I correct in the assumption that start up time alone is going to make it unusable? The app is simple, I don't want to force people to look at a splash screen for several seconds.

You can now watch my talk on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament yesterday on Peertube (@joinpeertube) thanks to @vincib

And here are my slides (which were on the screens but aren’t visible in the video):

Making a simple script, but want to use click instead of argparse ? Wish you could use pendulum for dates or toml for your config file format ?

On one hand, it's easier to code, on the other hand, it's going to be a pain to distribute.



Let introduce you to zipapp!

While exploring Go, I noticed a lot of implicit behavior. Especially with packages with modules where you can call functions that aren't implicitly imported, which was both neat and confusing.

Within minutes of using Rust, I can see that the syntax is very explicit. Coming from Python, I find this to be enjoyable. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

room for diversity 

No gas imitation will ever come close to the effects of a real wood fire. And today is a perfect weather for it.

Judging by nothing but my personal usage pattern I propose to rename Mastodon's "Favorite" icon into "ACK".

Acceptalbe alternatives:

- Silence. Not ideal, but non-hostile.

- Mute/block. If you really can't deal with questions, that's understandable. Again, not ideal.

- Search terms. "Web search <terms>/<phrase>". A link is better, but this is at least a clue.

- Link. If you know of a good resource, share. My general preference. It's specific, efficient, and informative. I often share my own earlier writing. (It's a chief reason I blog/post.)

- Brief explanation. Expensive but immediate.

Advice to documentation writers: don't write it as a sales pitch.

Here's an anti-example. UI layout docs "Android provides a straightforward XML vocabulary".

If you saw one of those XML even once you know even basic layouts are an incomprehensible mess of random namespaces and implicit conventions. Why did they feel they needed to call it "straightforward"? For whom? Simply dropping this phrase would make the doc shorter and better.

Today I learned about HyperLogLog — a probabilistic algorithm (and its supporting data structure) to estimate the number of distinct elements in a data set big enough that actually counting all distinct elements may be impractical due to memory constraints.

Most probably I'm doing something wrong. After all, I've been only trying out Android development for three days.

But given the evident inconsistency of Android apps since pretty much the very beginning of the platform, I suspect it could just be the reason. Correct patterns aren't baked into the API. You need to hunt for them on Stack Overflow and fidget with myriad of parameters you don't really understand.

So, yesterday I was able to persuade my Android app to transition to the next activity and back with slide animations (just simply slide-in from the right and slide-out back). This took 4 (four!) very similarly looking XML files which have to be carefully mentioned in two disjoint places. And the back animation only works if I press a screen navigation button, not the standard Back button.

What ever happened to "simple things should be simple and complex thing should be possible"?

If you advocate violence, you get a block. I don't want to hear about "it's the only way" or "we must utilize their tools" or any other bullshit like that. We need less violence, more tolerance, and move love.

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