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So this articles switched my suspicion into a conviction that local growing is unsustainable in modern times. At least not for every region (I guess it is all fine and dandy in Mediterranean).

And before you slap me with some unappetizing moniker like "food industry shill", "Monsanto lover" or just "capitalist", I will say that the answer is in strengthening regulation and monitoring of global producers, rather than clinging to medieval views of agriculture.

Killer features of each #python version since 3.4:

3.4: pathlib

3.5 async / await

3.6 f-string


3.8: :=

I usually say that 3.6 is the a great base: fantastic feature, very stable, and old enough to be easily available.

So I just put my money where my mouth is and bought a pro account on Flickr. I don't need a single perk of it, but I'd rather pay money than support ad-based economy. So I'm just paying for what I already use.

the problem with open-world RPGs is that as computers get better, the size of the worlds it is feasible to depict increases while the amount of human creative labor necessary to fill any given space with complexity, narrative, and human interest remains unaffected

Hey, I've finally stumbled upon a woman stand up comedian who actually makes me laugh!

Even when I'm finishing with the last item of a todo-list, I make sure to put a big, fat checkmark next to it... before I throw the paper in the trash.

I've pushed a lot of rocks up a lot of hills, and every now and then one of them goes over.

@isagalaev sure it can... pyproject.toml is supported by pip... in the file it is described what tools it needs to install

is a brilliant D&D experience. But those random one-liners are sometimes just brilliant!

"Everybody else believes in you, why shouldn't you?"

A family-run emu farm in Central West NSW was about to shut off its troughs due to drought until video revealed native animals, including an echidna and six-foot goanna, were relying on it for water.

In other news, one of my shoots made it pretty high to the Popular pics on 500px, but the account is NSFW, so I can't really share anything except my own pride :-) I'm not really a serious photog, I just get lucky sometimes.

Trump's support is at an all time high (excluding the honeymoon period). Apparently his administration made some "accomplishments". People of this country are scaring me…

I did *not* expect to be writing a detailed README for a puny take-home assignment until 2:30am! But I got carried away apparently.

sunset yesterday was this incredible beam of light that swept across the sky

"Killing links is a strategy, designed to keep people from the open web. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do. Links take us to places where we can make choices that Instagram never would."

@isagalaev you can always rant first, edit and post in a blog later. Thus having the best of both worlds.

And yes, it does sound like that imposter monster is attacking ya.

I mean, this was just a rant and clearly people like reading it. I surely wasn't expecting the reaction it got. Which is ironic given the content. :birbblobpats:

So, if my rant resonated with you, why not rant yourself about those simmering issues you've been wanting to approach? Doesn't hurt to try... 🤷🏻‍♂️

The internet is real.

Therefore, whatever we do or say here has consequences that are not only for and on the online sphere.

I even wrote a fucking paper about it at Uni. No, the internet is not virtual. It is just another platform of communication.

It's just different than old media, like newspapers, because you can't 'touch' it. Yet, the consequences are pretty much the same, if not even amplified, for online you're dealing with way more a wider audience than an old school newspaper would.

This is why things like online harassment and bullying are so much the order of the day.

This is also why everything you say here, especially in public, matters.

All of this to say that yes, while we're communicating through a mostly text-based platform, there is gender online.

Every single word we utter or write is socially historically and economically contingent. Text has tone, and tone has nuances. And they may reflect gender, race, age, etc.

To deny any of it just because we're on mastodon... Is to deny the fact that the world is just not the same whether you were raised accordingly to what gender you were/are perceived as.

And THAT is a dangerous thing to ignore.

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