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I'm profoundly amazed by the naivete of grown-up people believing the vast majority of humans are caring and responsible, and the world is fucked up only because of very few especially evil sociopaths. And if only we could get rid of this minority, everything would inevitably become wonderful. As if those few evil-doers were planted here by aliens or something…

It's simple, really. Most people are neither altruistic, nor evil. We're mostly just selfish.

Achievement unlocked: used laundry facilities in a hotel. Before this my idea about washing clothes in hotels was solely in terms of a laundry order bag in the closet where they promise to do your shirts for $15 each. Turns out, you can simply do it yourself for $4 overall. And they give you detergent and all. Nice! I don't need to pack my backpack so tight for a week-long trip anymore.

Oh look, someone started to realize that buying more and more stuff for less and less money may not be all that good after all

Just saw new terms that replaced "mother" and "father" in business policies about parental leave: "birthing parent" and "non-birthing parent". What I like is how completely unproblematic it went. How the world didn't end when we started to recognize other kinds of families in addition to the traditional one.

Marta is my favorite dinner place in New York. You can sit right at the kitchen and watch the magic of pizza making. I actually learned something just by watching it and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Also, it's a rare American restaurant that had the balls to give up the obsolete "tradition" of tipping.

And once again I'm in this place they call "noo-yohk"... Starting a new job.

I am still pleasantly amazed that email still generally works, given that the rest of the Internet has been privatized almost completely. It's almost as if people need a universal open means of communication that doesn't depend on a current financial state of any brand. Who would've thought.

We've had this box since Christmas, but we can't recycle it bcs the cat sits in it whenever someone is at the kitchen table and makes whatever this face is

@isagalaev precisely, and what's worse is that the bias towards status quo is presented as impartiality

Never try to document your APIs. You'll immediately discover edge cases which will make you reconsider the design of your APIs.

@isagalaev once my friend told me "if it seems that 79 columns is not enough for the code, then you seem to have functions that do more than one thing". I follow this rule :D

In recent years, after having refactored quite a lot of code I think I now understand now the Zen of "flat is better than nested". Deep nesting of if's and for's is a big code smell now to me, and it usually gets refactored into named functions, generator expressions and itertools invocations.

I still can't throw away food. I can't watch other people throw away food, it makes me physically dizzy. And now I am watching an entire country throw away its democracy with a shrug.

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I saw my own country walk the path from a flawed democracy to authoritarianism. I saw the colonial superpower next door, Russia, walk the same path even faster and get all the way back to totalitarianism. Now I see my new country, the one where I still don't have a right to vote, set off down the same path. Don't tell me there is no further down, I've been down this road before, and believe me America is at its very beginning, and I don't think there is a bottom.

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I was born in USSR. There were no votes in USSR. I remember Perestroika. When I was just a teen, my parents were seriously discussing going off the grid to sit out the civil war if the 1991 KGB putsch against Gorbachev succeeded. Everybody was surprised when it failed. What followed was very confusing time, people had no idea how democracy is supposed to work, including the people who somehow made it work anyway, for a few years.


Michael Bloomberg just accidentally said he bought Congress.

Started the second week sitting at home with my sick kid (looks like flu, nothing horrible). It's very exhausting, having to postpone everything requiring me being somewhere again and again.

(It's just me whining, feel free to disregard.)

Mexico is one of my favorite tracks in Formula E, *because it's a racing track, not a city street*.

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Yay! Mexican E-Prix made it to YouTube. I anticipate ~50 minutes of quality racing ahead of me :-)

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