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I don't usually post grim news here, but the story about the recent murder of Ahmaud Arbery is just sickening, and I think everyone needs to know about such things happening in America. Don't let it be normalized.

Every detail of it is unbelievable. From the completely unprompted murder to murderers walking around free (still), not even feeling guilty. And then white people get surprised why black people in this country are so angry.

I'm going to say this… If your doesn't mostly *) fit in 80 characters per line, you're doing it wrong. Most probably your code is packed in unnecessary classes, uses unnecessary design patterns and there's a lot of parrot-naming, like `Client.get_client_name()`.

*) Long error messages and similar stuff will always overflow, don't care about those.

Current status: watching 110th episode of the first season of Critical Role while brewing myself some Baihao Yinzhen. It's gotten good and earthy by the fourth steeping.

@isagalaev @sir However, it's important to remember there is evidence toward the opposite, from institutions that want little more than eternal copyright protection:

"In 2013, the European Commission ordered a €360,000 ($430,000) study on how piracy affects sales of music, books, movies and games in the EU. However, it never ended up showing it to the public except for one cherry-picked section. That's possibly because the study concluded that there was no evidence that piracy affects copyrighted sales, and in the case of video games, might actually help them."

@isagalaev I agree with you entirely, but it's good to have arguments to gradually bring someone entirely opposed to this gradually around to our viewpoint

We desperately need to fight the culture of treating people publishing code on as *maintainers* who owe others to review their PRs, respond to their questions, etc.

By default, making code available should not mean anything more than "I'm okay with you looking at it if you want to" (expressed in detail via a license). If the author then wants to maintain the code, solicit pull requests, turn it into a marketable product, it's their choice. Theirs, not yours.

My favorite part from today's blog post by Tim Bray hitting on his former employer Amazon and wild capitalism:

"If we don’t like certain things Amazon is doing, we need to put legal guardrails in place to stop those things. We don’t need to invent anything new; a combination of antitrust and living-wage and worker-empowerment legislation, rigorously enforced, offers a clear path forward.

"Don’t say it can’t be done, because France is doing it.[1]"


I'm turning into an old ruin, it seems… I love running, but for the past half a year I keep struggling with various injuries that don't let me run freely most of the time. And after I recover, as soon as I push for just a little bit, something new happens.

I ran a marathon two years ago, and was running 13-milers regularly, but now a 6-miler is something I strive to even make into a regular distance.

Gotta run more, I guess…

So, if I'm correctly reading and, the number of deaths from in US has now passed the number of death casualties of Vietnam War… :-(

me: I'll just write a quick blog post

25 revisions later: uggggh is that the right word, what if someone misinterprets meeeee

Shipping software in anticipation for it to be modified. This is a very profound insight, I think!

BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online.

And yes, I totally get it data doesn't show clearly that lockdown is working. But it doesn't mean we should lift it because "no data" doesn't mean it's *not* working either. It means we don't know. And testing this particular hypothesis happens to be prohibitively expensive.

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It is entirely possible to drive the change for the good with electric cars, build unimaginable landing rockets, donate medical equipment and… go on crazy rants for people's "right" to work for you?

No, Elon, people should have a right to live regardless of their desire and ability to work. We can afford that.

I'm glad that Tesla's update release notes finally openly say that Autopilot functionality is there to be tested and trained. Otherwise people might have decided that it's, like, a *product*, ready to be *used*. Some of them even continue to behave as if it was the case after having actually used it!

Oh, people reminded me of another: using a BSD/MIT/Apache style license over the only True and Holy GPL.

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Theme of the year on the Fediverse: holding all people to your own arbitrary chosen impossible moral standard. Now people are considered unworthy if they: use Facebook, or work for FAANG, or don't caption their images, or don't hate all billionaires, or… whatever.

Look, I have a couple of my own pet peeves too. Like, I don't use Apple products. But it doesn't mean I have any right to judge other people who do. People are different and have their reasons. Get used to it and shut the fuck up.

Hey, I'm looking at donating somewhere north of $1000 and I need suggestions as to where it might make the best impact. #covid19 related, of course. My first idea was which is Jay Inslee backed initiative including several food-related funds (AFAIU). What do you think?

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