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Hey, my Black Lives Matter t-shirt just got shipped! I wonder which particular idea of size "M" they have :-)

I almost forgot rule #1 of discussions on never question the holiness of static typing. Almost. But I resisted this time, and so I'm safe until the next time I'm tempted…

"I'm still not sure why the people of ancient Rome who invented vi decided to name their text editor after the number 6?"

This article is hilarious!

Here's what I see on the video though:

- It doesn't show the time when the car was moving, it's already stopped.

- The driver shoots the man trying to get to him, while he's still in the car, the man falls down.

- The driver gets out of the car brandishing the weapon but doesn't fire it, and tries to get away from the spot.

Looks like I'm wrong about the possible mass shooting, he had plenty of chances for it. Still don't believe his car just innocently appeared in the middle of a protest.

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"Camden made a shift to community-based policing in 2013, dissolving the local police department and using police from the local county instead. [...]

The result has been stark – complaints over excessive police force in Camden have dropped 95% since 2014."

Immediately I can imagine how right wing is going to spin this story: "A law abiding citizen was trying to drive where he needed when a violent riot stopped his car and a huge black guy attacked him and tried to remove from the car, so thank god he had a gun to protect himself".

And lo and behold, my wife (who reads FB) just confirmed it's almost exactly like that. Only they omit the part with the car running into the crowd altogether, and there are several black men attacking the poor soul.

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Hey ! Is there a meaningful local legislation initiative limiting police overreach and expanding accountability that one might want to donate to? Are there any other actually meaningful local efforts in need of financing?

(I'm opposed to donating to something broad and drowned in its own bureaucracy where you have no idea how your money are going to be spend.)

Sometimes, it's not "a few bad apples." Sometimes, it's a diseased tree. That doesn't mean no law enforcement. It may mean abolishing unfixable departments and restructuring what obviously isn't acceptable.

How about #ReformThePolice and reduce what falls under their acceptable abilities?

#DemilitarizeThePolice and funds will be freed up. Reallocate that $ (defund isn't really the accurate word to use, that's what Trumpers are running with to undermine the reform effort now) to communities.

Minneapolis City Council pledges to dismantle the police department.

I think it's a bold move, and if there was ever a moment to try such a thing, it is now. I'm really interested in what are they going to build instead. For now there are no details.

On the other hand, as an engineer, I prefer refactoring of working systems to trying to rewrite them from scratch. I've never seen the latter approach work.

I was really interested in watching a Bruce Lee documentary from ESPN. Until I realized they… wait for it… are going to broadcast it at some arbitrary time through some "cable network", like it's still 1990s! There must be a term for experiencing these time-travel like gaps…

RT @mtracey
I don't think it's accurate that "silence" automatically equals "complicity" or "violence." Sometimes people are "silent" because they have complicated views about a complicated subject, and decline to mindlessly repeat whatever cliches you are trying to force down their throat

TIL that Python 2's strip() does not strip Unicode non-breaking spaces from strings, and Python 3 *does* strip them. I like Python 3. #Python

"States announce police reforms as protests enter second weekend".

Protests work. They don't have to be violent (although that's not something anyone can control). It's just a matter of numbers. If half of your city is out demanding something, you'll have to move.

Inert data over imperative invocations. Always. (No matter the language.)

Oh my god… Do they, like, specifically search and select for sick psychopaths when they hire people for police?

Like, do they actively sell "real murdering of live humans" as a perk or something?

I can't believe it all :-(

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