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N. K. Jemisin's latest novel, The City We Became, is on sale today in at least the US Kindle store, and likely other US and Canada e-book outlets.

#Books #SFF #Fantasy #UrbanFantasy #NKJemisin

Web developers: when you say, “this browser does not support our site,” what you REALLY mean is that you don’t support the browser. Don’t turn it around on the browser/user because you chose not to stick to universally-supported standards, or worse, are doing user agent sniffing.

I'm really tall so I barely fit thru doorways without hitting my head. but when I wear my motorcycle helmet indoors it makes me a few cm taller, which makes me often hit my head, but luckily I'm wearing a helmet so it doesn't hurt.

Please remember that the coronavirus has not gone away just because people are bored with it now

@isagalaev I was talked into Typescript for that project by some of my colleagues a couple of years ago.

It hasn't helped me yet - not even once - to solve any of my problems.

But every few months I have a complete breakdown in the toolchain that takes me hours to figure out.

Typescript is designed to solve problems that I don't seem to have in any of my programming. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woo-hoo! Ran 13 miles for the first time after a 2 year long hiatus due to various injuries. Feels... victorious! :-)

Let's talk about merging two dicts/maps/hash tables. You know, when you have some defaults and want to merge overrides on top of them. Why is it that no language that I know off — Python, JavaScript, Groovy, Yaml — doesn't do it recursively? If one of the overriding keys is a mapping itself, it will replace its corresponding default entirely, rather than merge with it. You almost always want recursion here.

(Me, after writing another `merge` function for the umpteenth time.)

I love it when there's some scientific evidence effectively saying "what people did for hundreds of years does indeed make sense" — this time about using honey to alleviate cold/flu symptoms

(Of course there are many cases when what people did for hundreds of years had no connection to reality.)

P.S: If you're using an OS where the only way to get native apps is through a megacorp you don't trust, then PWAs are probably not your biggest problem...

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To clarify, it feels personal to me because I'm a parent of a school-age child, and I have all the empathy in the world for other parents. Even if I don't live in California.

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Here's my own personal "Kamala moment":

She's laughing about successfully scaring parents about getting in jail if their kids miss classes in elementary school.

You can probably argue about reasons why some kids miss school¹ and if punishment is the right way to deal with it. But being excited about putting people in jail is for me an immediate disqualifier for a government official.
¹ Hint: no, it's not because parents choose for their kids to stay stupid.


While shittalking Kamala (because valid)

Make sure to not do the following things:

- be sexist.

- be antiblack

- judge based on appearances.

She shit because she was a cop. Don't insinuate she's white. Don't call her ugly. Don't make jokes about women.

She's done enough bullshit to just make fun of that.

Remember, if you only respect race or gender or appearance when it's someone you like, then you don't actually respect BIPOC people and you don't actually respect women and you don't actually respect people who aren't conventionaly attractive

Corollary to that, I'm not sure why, say, people spend so much time fighting for faster build times with incremental compilation, if it's going to be rendered completely useless by pipelines which build the whole world from scratch on every stage anyway. There simply will never be a previous build to increment from!

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This can only be eclipsed by the fact that any average industrial CI pipelines spends about 90% of its time rebuilding images it's already built, pushing those innumerable layers of docker images between stages, all for the sake of testing, like, a couple of thousands of LOCs which normally should take less than a second. And we just look at all of this and say, "Yes, containerization is such a brilliant technology!"

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I have a feeling most engineers simply don't see the problem with constant-living-on-the-edge approach to technology. Like right now, after solving the 145th config problem not related to my code change, I'm suddenly forced to solve test breakage because Helm in the CI pipeline decided to update itself and start complaining about thing it didn't complain before.

Who ever thought it'd be a good idea to automatically update *anything* during CI runs? And yet I feel it's common practice…

Darktable 3.2 brings *just enough* coloration back to my main workhorse Filmic module! This made my day, even though it's been overall a much larger update.

#NoScript in 2020: you know, I would love to read this Bloomberg article but I don't know which of these 14 untrusted domains has the JavaScript that makes the page load.

Someone asked a few weeks ago why doesn't have `upgrade-all`. Apparently, it's not because of any sort of neglect but due to absence of a general dependency resolver This has now been funded and is being actively worked on

HT: @brainwane

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