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Google Stadia is the Google Plus of game streaming:

Lots of exuberant early adopters shaping the platform.
Eventually Google will change it to appeal to a broader audience.
The exuberant adopters will leave, adoption won't happen as quickly as Google would like.
Eventually someone in Google will stop funding it and it will die on the vine.
Tech pundits will both extol the virtues of the platform and eulogize it, or they will say it was foolishness from the get-go

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Microsoft will slowly make vscode + github + azure more tightly coupled together and eventually a walled garden, this will be their Extinguish play.


What happened to me hearing both sides of an argument in regards to politics?

Its because right wingers defend the indefensible. The negativity against LGTBQ+, COVID-19, and defining "religious freedom" as the right to impose their religion on others. None of these things should have been a discussion.

Add in the complete abandonment of fair play and country-first, coupled with insane conspiracy theories..

I don't care what they think anymore. They will have to earn that back.

There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

I think @libreoffice are very much within their rights to ask the Apache Software Foundation to update their website so that new users are aware that a mature (and frankly better) 10 year old downstream project exists.

"The Iroquois sought to expand their territory into the Ohio Country and to monopolize the fur trade with European markets."

"The Iroquois Confederation led by the Mohawks mobilized against the largely Algonquian-speaking tribes and Iroquoian-speaking Huron"

"The Iroquois were armed by their Dutch and English trading partners; the Algonquians and Hurons were backed by the French, their chief trading partner."

It's amazing how shaving a minute off a 50+ minute distance can improve one's mood!

I want to say that running an instance is not profitable - most of them are run at a loss because most don't have Patreons. This isn't a business - this isn't politics - this is a hobby, a service offered so friends can be made and a space offered to do so.

I guarantee you no successful instance is doing this for "clout" or for profit or good PR. That's simply no good motivator for running one and the ones that start that way always, and always will, crash and burn.

As someone who hasn't completely forgotten how it feels from the outside, here's my advise: mind your own business and leave other people to care for their respective places.

It's fairly obvious that you (we now) have enough to fix in this country before even thinking about forcibly permeating our wisdom to others.


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This article (that'll probably make you feel guilty) on unethical parts of grocery supply chains reminded me about one aspect of how USA is viewed from outside: you guys (Americans I mean) seem to take it for granted that it's up to *you* to fix the world's unfairness. From placating China with sanctions to inflicting "democracy" with air strikes in the Middle East.


Develop with #Python? You can help out by completing the 2020 Python Developers Survey.

Wow, apparently 20.04 has modern in its universe repos. Nice! No more hunting for supported 3rd parties!

obscure Terry Pratchett trivia 

The nonsense phrase "Millennium hand and shrimp" (from Lords and Ladies and Soul Music) originated when Pratchett made a Markov chain from the contents of a Chinese takeout menu and lyrics to They Might Be Giants songs.

New is out and the only thing people want to talk about is more types, and "when types become mandatory"…

Having lived through the delusion of OOP I'm looking at type checking and see that it's no different. We will spend years on putting all that new stuff in our code until we realize it didn't make our programs any more correct. And the answer is not "smarter types", by the way.

@isagalaev @Bella It’s funny. My German accent is frequently identified as Russian or French here in the US. 😃

This quiz guesses my native language may be (in this order): English, Swedish, Dutch, none of which is correct (Russian). This tells me my grammar is pretty much correct by now, and only pronunciation gives me away :-)

I saw someone the other day boosted into my tl saying "ugh I don't block people but I might have to if y'all don't start cwing this thing" and like... yes? you should? blocking someone is not a moral decision. it isn't weighty. if you hate seeing my posts then the only person you are harming by not blocking me is yourself

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