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OMG, "requires relocation to San Francisco" is still a thing in recruiters' emails, apparently. This is incredibly clueless.

Thunderbird and Darktable are blurry under Wayland :-( (That's with fractional scaling.)

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Hello from 21.04 beta! First impression: the touch pad is way more sensitive! :-)

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When you're talking about Linux, it's okay to say that it's "open source".

It's okay to say that it's "free software".

It's okay to call it "GNU/Linux", "Linux", or to mess up its name.

It's okay to refer to it as "the one with the friendly penguin".

Part of RMS' legacy has been an incessant obsession with terminology and pedantry, overshadowing far more important shared objectives which are fundamentally emancipatory in nature.

Pedantry is not activism; it is alienating, not emancipatory.

@isagalaev 🤣 🤣

Judging from the Mac wheels and the monitor stand, I really couldn't afford a $200^H^H^H^H $199 teabag that's only compatible with $699 Apple cup and $399 Mac Pro Saucer...

Now, I know better by now than to respond with equal passive aggression — it never leads to anything productive. But I'm yet to find a good counter strategy. "Counter", as in "allowing things to get actually done".

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(Come to think of it, this is the treatment that women engineers get randomly all the time.)

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One of the thing that, despite being in the field for a while, triggers me *instantly* is being talked down by "security people" declaring my code to be "dangerous" or "not secure". Forget providing any reasoning or threat models, let alone alternative approaches that don't defeat the whole point of the code… No, just this: "it's dangerous".

And everyone is supposed to cower and shut up because they are effing SECURITY people, and they're better than you.

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Just spent 20 minutes doing house work trying to calm myself down in order to not be an asshole in response to someone else being an asshole towards me.

Instead, I just worked myself up to a rant. So here goes.

@isagalaev @tsturm I tried to word this but kept changing everything.

Just have a look at 😬

I've got some contradictory answers :-). Like "sleek" being used for fast aerodynamic moving things, like cars. And yet there "slick pass from a midfielder".

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@isagalaev “slick” has suggestions of being liquid, perhaps sticky, and might be pejorative if describing a person. “sleek” has suggestions of thinness, perhaps well-kept fur, and is never negative. A conman and his tricks would be slick; a sports car and a mink would be sleek.

Hey native English speakers, when do you use "slick" vs. "sleek", considering how close is their meaning?

This rare phenomenon is called "Baikal Zen". Rocks that have fallen on the ice of Lake Baikal are heated by sunlight and emit infrared rays that melt the ice below. Once the sun is gone, the ice becomes solid again, creating a small support for the rock...

Original tweet :

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