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And even the best shopping list in the world can't save you from forgetting your wallet at home.

Uni of Minnesota earned themselves a ban from contributing to Linux Kernel due to unethical behavior of a group of their researches:

Another related story from comments: The latter is particularly damning, as the "researcher" once their bullshit was uncovered tried to make it look as if the problem was with the maintainer's "hurt feelings". Which the latter handled rather well :-)

podcasts, yes I have seen Apple's new podcast subscriptions 

Cool cool, now that we've re-created cable with streaming services we can create a bunch of premium podcasts and recreate SiriusXM.

During this time away from computers something's been crystallising in my head: the culture and drama around foss/open source/floss/whatever-you-want-to-call-it isn't something I want to waste any more time with. I happily spent most of my life writing code without this culture war being a part of it.

This sentence from @Seirdy echoes my own thinking on FLoC from a server perspective.

> We shouldn’t expect webmasters to add a tag or header every time Google advances the war against its own users.

From a user perspective, OTOH, the sky is falling and it's time to switch browsers.

Amazing what a difference having something actually really important to care about changes your perspective on things. :)

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From Ars Technica [1]:

"RCS includes things like typing indicators, presence information, read receipts, and location sharing."

*Every* *single* *one* of these is an invasion of privacy. We have no hope of unborking the current mess of messaging apps if even geeks consider those "features" a modern messaging app should have.

(I can agree with location sharing, if it happens on demand and if I'm sharing it with my party, and not the carrier.)


Open source photo editing software has become terrific! Darktable is a tried and true workhorse, bringing out contrast and sharpness and driving sky color to the unnatural blue-ness that I like. But then stitching two side by side shots into a panorama with Hugin happened pretty much automatically. It took me about 15-20 minutes to do everything.

Today, the raided the apartment of Roman Anin, a Russian investigative journalist whom I had the pleasure and privilege of working with:

This guy has balls of steel, and did some absolutely astonishing investigative reporting (worth checking out the linked thread).

I believe currently there is no contact with him, nor confirmation that he's been arrested. This is worrisome, to say the least.

I will share any updates if/when I get them.

OMG, "requires relocation to San Francisco" is still a thing in recruiters' emails, apparently. This is incredibly clueless.

Thunderbird and Darktable are blurry under Wayland :-( (That's with fractional scaling.)

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Hello from 21.04 beta! First impression: the touch pad is way more sensitive! :-)

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When you're talking about Linux, it's okay to say that it's "open source".

It's okay to say that it's "free software".

It's okay to call it "GNU/Linux", "Linux", or to mess up its name.

It's okay to refer to it as "the one with the friendly penguin".

Part of RMS' legacy has been an incessant obsession with terminology and pedantry, overshadowing far more important shared objectives which are fundamentally emancipatory in nature.

Pedantry is not activism; it is alienating, not emancipatory.

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