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Here's a thing I can't get used to in America. If you see two cans of the same brand on the store shelf, and one of them is marked "lightly salted", and another is unmarked it means the latter is *heavily* salted, not unsalted.

Being salted is an assumed default state of a lot of things here. As if they do something extra to "unsalt" food, or something…

Imagine you are a vegan activist.
Would you want 5 people to go 100% vegan or 500 who are at least 20% vegan?
On top of this, imagine trashing the 495 who are not 100% vegan but are trying.
How do you think they feel about you and your cause?
More importantly which path saves more animals?

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Anyone have any leads on remote #CLJS jobs? The company I worked for shut down cause of covid, time to get back on the market.

At Whole Foods today saw a new device for paying with your hand. You hold your open palm above the scanner, it recognizes you and charges your Amazon Prime account.

You know what's going to happen next? People will gladly give up their palm prints to this corporation without a second thought about it being something you can't change or de-register.

This should be illegal or something, but of course law enforcement is one of the main customers of this database.

"The rise of community-owned monopolies" by Konrad Hinsen

"The monopoly situation prevents existing users from moving elsewhere, significantly reducing the effort that needs to be made to keep them. All effort can thus be concentrated on gaining new users, which leads to the paradoxical situation that the needs of non-users have a larger weight in strategic decisions than the needs of the user base."

This is spot-on.

Oh good, another "types can guarantee the absence of bugs" delusional argument... My day just wouldn't be complete without it.

"FBI-run company sold encrypted phones to criminals, leading to 800 arrests"

In headings like this always try to mentally substitute "criminals" or "terrorists" with "whistle-blowers" or "activists", and see if you like how that sounds then.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

🇺🇲! (If you know what I mean.)

There are shit takes and then there's Jack Dorsey:

“Bitcoin changes absolutely everything. I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on."

Our planet is getting destroyed and he can't think of anything more important to work on than expanding the use of this proof-of-work, ecological nightmare of a ponzi scheme. What a legend.

covid, apple 

Perhaps your right and the only recourse for these employees to do is to quit. With fans like you backseat driving the company at every turn, and thinking they can do no wrong unless they've clearly stepped in it I would want to quit as well. But it's not our say, and your reckless disregard for the safety of those who make the doo-dads you love is a really bad look.

In closing, fuck off.

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A poll (my first!). Is Google your email provider? I just want to get a general feeling how much of a monopoly it is in a relatively tech-savvy world of Mastodon.

Boosts are welcome!

Remember when applications had titlebars that you could click on and move, instead of having to find three pixels that you can point to to move a window?

Good times.

Just subscribed to Krystal Kyle & Friends krystalkyleandfriends.substack. I've been following a few progressive voices on YouTube for a while, and I think these two are the most substantive and least biased. Some of Kyle's antics on Secular Talk are sure cringey, but he doesn't do that with Krystal. As usual, you need a woman to set a man on his best behavior :-)

Anyway, if you need your dose of reality outside of mainstream media, I recommend them (both the join project or their separate shows.)

Ok, so one sleepless feverish night was all there was in the way of side effects from the vaccine. Feeling well!

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Parenting and STEM education 

#Feynman said everything better so just read his fifty-five year old speech to science teachers

I lament that because the way it’s taught, the majority of the adult population sees science and mathematics as finding the correct answers to pat questions. This has misserved us during pandemic and will continue to. We now know that confusing “SCIENCE” with “the right answer”—rather than *the process*—caused tremendous damage.

#psa No matter your opinion of #GMO and #nuclearpower they both useful tools to resolve the climate crisis they are not instrument of #capital , they can exist in a post-capitalist society , they have not intrinsic negative values, except the one that you project that’s why a lot of #communist and #leftist reject them while they should embrace them .To believe these two are the evil product of capitalist is pure ideology
#nuclear #science #scienza #nucleare #energianucleare #gmo #ogm #science

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