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New blog post: "My love-hate affair with technology"

A lot of this will be familiar ground to folks on Mastodon. But I find it useful occasionally to write about my bizarre tech habits, if for no other reason than to explain to myself why I'm doing what I'm doing.

These are my strong negative signals in emails from recruiters and founders: "grown by", "series B", "valuation", "formerly Facebook/Google/any cryptocurrency".

Вот это круть! Модель плоской Земли! Шах и мат аметисты, акмеисты, аболяционисты, вообще все! 🤣

Listening to old good hearty stuff from Rolling Stones today.

Stumbled upon yet another primer about `jq`, and this one seems to be actually good (to me, at least):

One other thing making me wary of compact phones now is the signal sensitivity. My Xperia Z5c is really bad at picking up signal in places where my wife's Pixel 2 works more or less fine. I don't know if the problem is specific to this model, or is just due to smaller antenna.

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Looks like I'm going to have to replace my aging phone. It's not even 5 years old, but every UI interaction with "modern" apps take seconds. The only thing that works fast on it is my own app :-)

Unfortunately choosing one is going to be painful as it looks like the industry gave up on making normally sized phones that work, and I'll have to get the same shovel-sized monstrosity everyone seems to carry around :-(

I can't help thinking that it's a sort of mental deformation that happens when you work for a company that deals with people's private data as commodity.

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Got a call yesterday in the middle of the day: "Hey, it's Patrick from Google, is it okay for you to talk now?" I said it wasn't, and he said he'll send an email. The email was "so yeah, when is a good time for you to talk". No intro, no stating of the topic (turned out to be recruiting.)

So these assholes assume they own everyone's time and could could cold-call people and expect they'll jump out of their pants just to talk them.

Someone just asked me to present my vaccination card at a restaurant. Nothing wrong with it, but it was the first time it happened.

My daughter, after tasting almond butter, indignantly, "It tastes like nuts!"

Me, with a "duh" tone, "It's almond butter, what do you think it's made of?"… and then immediately realizing that yeah, nobody has told her yet those nuts she doesn't like are called almonds :-)

There's the first time for everything!

It's depressing for me especially as when I Biden stopped Keystone XL in the first day of his presidency I took it as a good sign and thought that may be he's going to do something. Apparently, that was just a sacrificial cow for good optics…

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It's a depressing read, but a much needed evidence for people who still think Biden administration is "good for climate".

(And in general for those who still believe the fight is between Democrats and Republicans, and not between corporations and people.)

Something I've been noticing with the whole #Apple scanning your device content fiasco is that a lot of the rhetoric centres around the ability of China/Russia to misuse this.

While true and may serve a rhetorical purpose, this is being rolled out in the U.S. only. Clearly not at the CCP's request.

Americans need to be able and willing to first admit that oftentimes it is just fellow Americans doing unethical shit to their fellow Americans. You'd never improve your own country otherwise.

Kipchoge won the marathon. Who would've thought :-)

you know what triggers me? Faux-buttons on the web that aren't implemented with a <button> tag. Because I see a form with a default button, and I press [Space], and nothing happens. And even [Enter] doesn't do it of course, because it's a f***ng useless <span> or something…

…I’m seeing people say “just don’t use an iPhone.” It’s not that simple when everyday things like financial apps with two-factor authentication are locked into the two main platforms.

We need legislation to ensure critical services use open standards so you can use your Pinephone to buy lunch in the future.

It’s shocking how easily some folks jump to “just go live in a cave.” No, that’s not an acceptable alternative. We deserve to partake in modern life without sacrificing our human rights…

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