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All the vowels, including 'y', once each, in order.

In my defense, the code *is* in desperate need of refactoring, and in hindsight, I've been working up courage to tackle it for more than a year now :-)

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What I like about my team is that while talking about a task which was supposed to take 3 days but has been dragging on for a week already, I can ask to sink 3 more days on a deep and scary refactoring and they'll be like, yeah let's do it!

So it happened. For the first time in the past 5 years I forgot to clean my kitchen range before going to bed. It's a corner stone of my nightly routine, but somehow yesterday it slipped my mind.

Smart code goes into libraries.
Boring code goes into projects.

@Ewjoachim @ @PyConAU

So I heard too much of knee-jerk takes about vs. -19, so I went on the Internet and read something that looks factual: covid19treatmentguidelines.nih


- It's not just a horse dewormer, it's a legit drug against some tropical diseases.
- There are lab tests showing it inhibiting the replication of the Corona virus.
- There is however no evidence of it helping in real treatments. Probably because the efficient dose would be ~100 times higher than approved for people.

@CodingItWrong on static typing in Ruby:

Matches my experience with Python. When people think they need type checking to not drown in their code, most of the time they'll be better of dedicating all this effort to fixing actual problems: tight coupling, lack of test coverage and unnecessary object-oriented fluff.

"It's important not to get angry at people for what they don't know." — Taliesin Jaffe (as Caduceus Clay)

This thing still on? Getting interested in Mastodon again… if Twitter’s bluesky thing gets legs, that opens ups lot of room for multimodal social.

So apparently I have a split kneecap (not fractured, born this way), which is the probable reason for it hurting while . I envision lots of physio therapy with an uncertain outcome :-(

Interestingly enough, this didn't affect my running for the past 10 years or so, but as the doctor said the stress has been adding up and it became a problem at some point.

Inkscape is an old app though, and it didn't open my file automatically, so for a few minutes I thought I lost it. But then I went on the Internet, and it helpfully informed me that the file is most likely saved in some special directory which I could look up in preferences and ultimately find my file.

So I don't need to redo the carefully designed label for the breaker box in my garage.

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This night was saved by the autosave feature enabled in by default!

I kind of got used to ignoring the message about my laptop running low on battery. it's not really imminent usually, and I'm not far from a plug, and even if it shuts down, modern apps don't lose their state anyway.

As nouns the difference between nuptials and wedding is that nuptials is wedding ceremony while wedding is marriage ceremony

I read this like 10 times already and it still makes no sense: "nuptials" means "wedding" and "wedding" means "marriage" but "nuptials" doesn't mean "marriage".

I do realize that natural languages aren't supposed to be logical and non-contradicting, but this takes it to the next level.


"ln England, 'booster shot' is spelled 'borchestershire shot' "

(stolen from someone who stole it)

A video of four planets circling a star 130 light-years away. We are living in an age of wonders.

"Hi, I like your profile! Opportunity-growth-challenge-career-blah-blah, let's talk for 15 minutes on the phone. If you're *not* interested, let's talk for 15 minutes on the phone anyway."

Really? I understand that to an average recruiter "talking on the phone for 15 minutes" is a kind of noncommittal activity one can do without as much as waking up. When will they learn that to an average engineer it's something they hate with all their guts?

Learn about your customers, assholes!


🍱 «Яндекс.Еда» удалила «Тануки» из своего сервиса

Ранее произошла атака «Мужского государства» на социальные сети и курьерскую доставку ресторана из-за рекламы с темнокожим мужчиной

Лидер «МГ» пригрозил парализовать работу «Яндекс.Еды» фейковыми заказами, если те не удалят «Тануки» из своего сервиса. Агрегатор выполнил это требование.

«Тануки» объявил войну «Мужскому Государству» и собирается добиться блокировки его социальных сетей
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