Fusing IR and visible wavelength captures to "generate a single image which contains all the features from [both] images."
paper: arxiv.org/abs/1804.06992
code: github.com/exceptionLi/imagefu

Got "A Perfect Vacuum" by Stanisław (1971) the largest and best known collection of Lem's fictitious criticism of nonexisting books. From fiction to philosophical pieces across scientific topics, from to the pervasiveness of and finally from the nouveau roman to pornography, Ulysses, authorless , and . Great from !

CFP: hybrid wars, surveillance and the next big privacy, artificial intelligence (AI) --> Fields 3: GLOBAL CONTROL Riga Art Science festival openfields2018.rixc.lv/opencon deadline extended to May 10

Hey , just wanted to inform you that some from weise7.org/ just landed . You might want to welcome them: @JulianOliver & @danjavasiliev

Am Sonntag, 22.04.18 gibt es ein Gartenfest ab 14 Uhr im GEMEINSCHAFTSGARTEN PRACHTTOMATE , Berlin.

Anlass ist der Aktionstag von La Via Campesina.

Mit Themen Ernährungssouveranität, Saatgutrechte, Freihandel, Bodenzugang etc. Ein Umsonstflohmarkt wird stattfinden. Verschenken statt wegwerfen!


und vieles mehr..

Warriors of Symbion: On the distant planet Symbion, a fails. Frightening changes take place that cannot be stopped. The result—a world where grow to frightening proportions. sectaurs.com #1985

Professor A. Donda - Professor Donda macht eine erstaunliche Entdeckung: Gespeicherte Informationen haben ein messbares Gewicht!

Garreta azureus - Made with images from ZooSphere.net - Garreta is a genus of dung beetles in the scarab beetle family (Scarabaeidae).

May 4 Berlin re-publica: "Systems of Biometric Control" on how facial recognition is merely an entry-level legacy term for aggressive, expansive cyber-authoritarianism 18.re-publica.com/en/session/s


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