Experiences in migrating running data from Garmin to my website, setting up a continuous sync for all future runs and visualizing some metrics.: francescoschwarz.com/articles/

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Giphy was just acquired by Facebook, but GIF searches in Signal have been protected by a privacy-preserving proxy from the very beginning. The Giphy SDK isn't included in the app at all. You can read more about our approach to handling animated GIFs here:


From now on most of our visitors have to download less code (gzipped ~ 21 KB lighter page weight) and have to wait less time until the page is interactive (~ 230 ms fewer JS long tasks).

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Trying to fix a CSS bug

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Die neuen Digitalabos der : Für alle ein passendes Abo. Jetzt ab 9,99 € monatlich. sz.de/passt

A powerful overview of our performance achievements for sz.de. Share of users experiencing ”Fast First Paint” went from 46.2 % to 64.2 %, “Slow FP” from 15.4 % to 6 %. Charts are powered by @cruxrun an@CruxRun@twitter.comeal data of Google Chrome users visiting our site.
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Let me give you some insights into the performance culture and recent achievements of one of the bigger news sites in Germany. A tin…

As a result the homepage FMP went down from ~ 6.3 seconds to ~ 3.5 seconds, and the article FMP from ~ 6 seconds to ~ 3.3 seconds. 🎉

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For us the number one thing to improve overall perf. was to eliminate blocking JavaScript requests. On the homepage we went from around six blocking JS requests to zero. This was quite a tricky thing to achieve due to complex dependencies of third-party scripts like ads, etc.

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For the most important site types (e.g. homepage or article) we set up budgets that we regularly monitor and adjust (downwards of course). We have a monitor in our room with the current status of all budgets. We get Slack notifications should a budget break for 3 times in a row.

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“Privacy is paramount to us, in everything we do.” While on my commute, I had to laugh hard when I read this sentence, coming from Google. 😂 Made my day. blog.google/products/chrome/bu


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