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Listening to @fword_dev reminds me of how cool it is to listen to other people talk about nerdy web stuff. It’s always refreshing to experience fragments of the thoughts I have constantly rotating in my head (since more than 15 years or so) reflected in the real word.

… and obviously still figuring out how to persist Twitter handles when writing content from @MastodonProject to Twitter via ✌️😀 Lost handles: @feedbin @NetNewsWire @OvercastFM @microdotblog

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I’ve been changing a few things regarding my media consumption lately: reactivated and updated RSS feeds to follow, setting up a new feed reader (@feedbin) and paying for it (using @NetNewsWire as reading app), actively listening to Podcasts via @OvercastFM (amazing app btw), created @microdotblog account (still figuring out how it fits to me though). Generally the ideas and ideals behind grow on me stronger and stronger by the day.

“Please put your urge to judge on the shelf for a minute and just listen to your fellow human beings in all of their raw, righteous, and furious anger. I am trying to listen. Is America finally ready to listen? Are you ready?”

Als ich vor einem Jahr was zum Plan B bei sozialen Netzwerken schrieb, dachte ich eigentlich nicht, dass das jetzt wieder relevant wird, weil ein oranger Zampano und sein ehemaliges Best-Buddy-Netzwerk Twitter gerade einen schwierige Beziehung haben…

“The world as we know it—the world of plastics, of cheap consumer goods, of the Internet—exists on a floated loan from the primordial past: a loan that has been silently accumulating interest.”

Joe Rogan Got Ripped Off

“He’s going to be just fine either way. I’m not shedding any tears for Joe, but as a business person I can’t help but shake my head at the lost potential.”

„Hard to break. I love that. That might be the best summation I’ve heard for describing resilience on the web.“

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Giphy was just acquired by Facebook, but GIF searches in Signal have been protected by a privacy-preserving proxy from the very beginning. The Giphy SDK isn't included in the app at all. You can read more about our approach to handling animated GIFs here:

From now on most of our visitors have to download less code (gzipped ~ 21 KB lighter page weight) and have to wait less time until the page is interactive (~ 230 ms fewer JS long tasks).

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One for old browsers, packed with language- and platform-specific polyfills, the other for modern browsers that can execute code with almost no polyfills whatsoever (platform polyfills are being included via dynamic imports, if necessary).

Show thread articles now partly make use of native JavaScript modules! This is our first attempt experimenting with differential serving, meaning compiling and serving two separate JavaScript bundles:

Trying to fix a CSS bug

Die neuen Digitalabos der : Für alle ein passendes Abo. Jetzt ab 9,99 € monatlich.

A powerful overview of our performance achievements for Share of users experiencing ”Fast First Paint” went from 46.2 % to 64.2 %, “Slow FP” from 15.4 % to 6 %. Charts are powered by @cruxrun an@CruxRun@twitter.comeal data of Google Chrome users visiting our site.
Let me give you some insights into the performance culture and recent achievements of one of the bigger news sites in Germany. A tin…

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