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I realize it's probably not a trivial task, but a neat anti-lock-in feature would be if you could move an account from one instance to another without having to tell your followers to manually follow the new one.

Barry Peddycord III

Lots of good pros and cons in the discussion here. Maybe moving your toots and leaving your old account dead with a "in case you're wondering, I've moved" page is sufficient after all.

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@isharacomix I got hit by the instance shutting down scenario. I could see the writing on the wall, so I was able to point my followers to the new instance before the implosion. Unfortunately all the toots I made from my original account are now the stuff of entropy.

@nivex That's just one use case I envision. Even though "building a personal brand" is among the worst memes of the past decade, the fact is that having a meaningful following creates unpleasant social pressure to avoid moving even if your instance takes a turn for the worse.