Hmmm... it looks like if I wanted a vanity mastodon, I could grab a instance for just $6/mo.

"This tool allows you to make a backup of your statuses, your favourites and the media in both your statuses and your favourites."

@Sylvhem Neat! Thinking maybe I'll get into the streaming thing when MTG Arena drops. Wouldn't that be something? :)

@Sylvhem Good morning! I popped in on your Superbrothers stream and noticed you're in a group "Mastodon Streamers". :D

Based on my tests, it looks like it just auto-fills the CW, but the CW is still managed on a per toot basis. Good design. :gargamel:

Oh neat, I didn't realize if you respond to a thread with a CW, the whole thread is CW'd! Good design.

Gamestop had boosters on clearance at $1 a pack, so I bought about 45 packs. Opened about $50 in good cards, so I guess I won the Gamestop clearance booster box game! (quietly puts bulk in storage)

@Sylvhem Wouldn't it be fun if you could hack the game to make it toot the things instead of tweet the things. :D

I'm generally just very bad at building so for me Minecraft games and their ilk are basically strip-mining and/or hoarding simulators.

I think I finally figured out why I always disliked the houses I built in Minecraft: I was always trying to make the roofs out of the same material as the walls.

It's been a long time since I last fired up Minecraft. Apparently you can paint the dirt now?

@coachdrewglobal @Sylvhem

Hmm... I don't know how to do it from an app. I only use the web browser version, in which case it appears in the same menu.

@coachdrewglobal @Sylvhem

So far, whenever I've seen posts from users on mostly-japanese servers, I go to the user and choose the `hide everything from server` option. That has substantially slowed down the federated timeline for me.

My is apparently today +/- a few days! I wish I posted more, but I've never really been much of a content producer. I'm still excited about potentially following a lot of good people, though!

I vanish for a few weeks and come back and what now? So many people posting about ! 😄

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