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Quite exciting to be back into in the midst of Pro-Tour Ixalan! Even managed 2-1 in my draft at FNM. :)

I almost forgot that the MTGO redemption windows got shrunken to oblivion. AKH and HOU redemption ends this month on the same day that DTK ends, released in 2015!

At least when I was sharing research I felt like I was doing something genuinely useful! Maybe I can try making thingies again. Or silly posts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The most active time of my social media days was back during early days of grad school. Livetweeting conferences and sharing my thoughts when reading papers for literature reviews. I suppose "personal brand building" comes easier when you feel like you have something to prove?

Finally blackholed the bird site on /etc/hosts - we're gonna do the mastodon thing ❄️🦃

Uh oh I read two mastadon thinkpieces today, so I guess it's time to log in again. :)

Already I'm finding this more streamlined and easier than the federation of - pretty excited.

Likewise, if I wanted to get myself to appear on another server, I just need to get one person on that server to subscribe to me.

So if I wanted a perfectly curated experience, I can just make my own server where I'm the only user and subscribe to individuals in the fediverse.

Alice is on Mastodon and Bob is on Nodotsam. If Alice follows Bob, Bob's posts are now on the Mastodon server. Interesting.

So according to the gnu social docs, all it takes for a user to appear on an external server is for any member of the server to subscribe to their posts.

A twitter alternative in its infancy feels an awful lot like a slack channel. :)

Hmm... so the public timeline is people on this particular server ( but I can subscribe to individuals on other servers if I want and see their posts too?


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