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Dylan-149 @ishiku@mastodon.social

6 tickets and a 10 roll, but no new servants; did get a CE, though

I was thinking about a game that's coming out tomorrow, but I forgot I don't want to give my credit card to Steam

Broke: Devilman Crybaby is a magical girl show
Woke: UN-GO is a magical girl show

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NP charge 500% title card looks pretty fancy

There an anime on Anime Network on demand called Guardian Ninja Mamoru, and is feels strangely like hoshiiro girldrop

Finally finished season 12 of , and the haunted house made for a really cool final challenge.

What is that logo? What is that Caster?

Gene still looks weird to me at the end of Outlaw Star

It's still not a very good episode

I wonder if the prison planet episode of Outlaw Star might have been seen by someone who worked on Pitch Black

It's Presidents Day, but I'm at work. Fun!

Every once in a while, I consider changing my student loan payments, but I'm so lazy

Ah yes, the Outlaw Star episode that turned into a mediocre spinoff no one cared about.

The last third of Dennou Coil flows really well, into a waterfall of tears.