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Dylan-149 @ishiku@mastodon.social

That guy definitely made history

I very much don't care about a Boba Fett movie

Is Doctor Who horny? He does try to screw everything

Woke up this morning and my hand was all kinds of cramped, maybe I should get a brace

Got to Level 5 EP with a bunch of randoms, but couldn't do enough damage in the time we had left to get through it, and then I saw the time. Went to pick up my Nightfall reward and got 366 w/mod Shinobu's Vow when literally any other armor piece would have been higher

I appaerntly have 90 group updates on Workday and won't check a single one

More orbs are good, but Nascent Dawn 3/5 rewarding a Masterwork version of a scout rifle we already have feels kinda cheap. Also my first Vanguard strike milestone this week gave me items that match or are only 2 points higher than stuff I already have.

Booping plus multishot tether does seem to do huge damage to the ogre at level 1 EP, but I still have only gotten to the knights like twice

I am supremely unmotivated

Apparently there are ants in the carpet

Man, I want Acrius more, need to convince some clan members to help me out

Tried finishing the Prestige Calus raid, but the fireteam was kind of a mess. Dogs took a while because we were too sloppy on the ground and finally got it after a failed run where one dog didn't die before time ran out, and that just continued into baths

Just got Deja Vu for the first time in a while while Alt+Tabbing between a couple of different change plan Word documents, what tf is my life

Just broke the calculator app for the difficult equation of 195+20

Hi, I started thinking about Hellshake Yano again

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Congress attempting to functionally extinguish copyright term limits, extend copyright protection to 140+ years; the 11th such extension in the past 40 years.


I just don't fucking get this "raid"

Got my Warlock to 360 tonight after a couple good raid runs, we even 3 phased EoW and one guy was AFK during the first damage phase. I'm still not happy about all aspects of progression, but it is good to finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere

It's almost like a single private company with no transparency controlling almost all PC video game sales might be a bad thing.