sketch feat. my bf and one of my fursonas. he wanted me to show off their height difference

i always forget this place exists hhhh

My second batch of Harpen designs. Numbers 1, 3 and 5 are still available. If you want to buy them please head over to my deviantArt for pricing/info/TOS!

My favourite is the 5th one, maybe mostly because I adore Kea birds and that's what inspired that specific colouring ;w;'

Some Harpen designs I made. The first two have sold already, if you want to buy the 3rd design please head over to my deviantArt for pricing/info/TOS! > >

Some style play feat Mace blushing cuz he's a good pup. I drew this much larger than I normally would and I really enjoyed it.

Mace my beardog trying to cool off and chill out in the summer heat. It's almost like he forgot he has water powers 💦

Actually a redraw of an older pic of my fiancé's sona and my sona

Android fursona thing. Scruffy chubby harpen dude ready to steal crowns and eat your hotdogs.

Oh here's me, iski. A harpen. I see you have some hotdogs 🌭

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