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If you don't compromise when it comes to privacy — it might be time to .

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Cuando Ámsterdam no era Ámsterdam.

¿Cuántas veces te has encontrado con la excusa de "esto no son los Países Bajos porque [ponga excusa aquí]" para decirte que en tu ciudad no cabe una movilidad inteligente?

Hubo un tiempo en que los Países Bajos eran un lugar infestado de tráfico. 👇

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Mastercard wants your face to replace cards and smartphones for in-store payments


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Do you feel like your Monday morning is too quiet? Well, here's 10 hours of a ZX Spectrum loading a program to fix that:

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Session is a community, and it runs on the support of people like you.

Here's a few ways you can contribute to our community:

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Encryption has a target on its back.

But why is it there? And how do we protect it?

Learn more:

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Hoy damos comienzo a . Este año, bajo la consigna “¿Dónde están? La verdad sigue secuestrada: Es responsabilidad del Estado.”; en todo el territorio nacional volveremos a marchar de forma presencial y mantendremos las características de la Marcha Virtual.

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Session is:

- decentralised 🌐
- onion-routed 🧅
- anonymous account creation 🥸
- e2ee by default 🔒
- funded by a registered non-profit org 💸
- fully open source (clients and server) 🪟
- independently audited (clients and server) 👍


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