I just had to change five diapers in five minutes. Life is a miracle.

Yesterday I was not somebody's dad. Today I'm gonna be.

National instruments can fart itself to Oblivion. Give me open protocols or go home

I just signed an email "ad astra per automata" and I'm very pleased with myself.

Sharing my stack overflow history for the last couple days. Somebody started this, I forget who now.

Exceptions (that prove the rule?):
- Google Docs
- Trello

Slack doesn't do SPA but it's close. Twitter and Mastadon don't do SPA but they're close.

It's been almost a decade and I'm still not convinced of any merits of javascript-heavy single-page-application architecture for...almost anything. I like lots of the new tooling. React is lovely, vue seems fine. SPAs seem like trying to fit a hot tub into a punch bowl.

This weekend I deployed 31TB of raidz2 storage, moved 7 years of stuff to it, and shipped my first app (mattermost). Really looking forward to my self-hosted future.

I kind of want to rate start trek episodes by the ease at which I can fall asleep to them. It's one of the best qualities of many TNG episodes.

My eBay purchase came with unexpected disks with an unexpected OS so I guess I have a forensics project before I can start my personal project.

I just tried out influxdb for the first time and I'm quite pleased. I wanted elastic to work because of familiarity, but millisecond resolution was a deal breaker. Influx "just works" at namoseconds.

Can you imagine a train all up Webster on both sides and through the tube to connect Alameda with Oakland

Just imagine

Vacation pic 

Less than an hour from try-again at mastodon to actual Nazis on my local instance. Seeing the value in smaller community based domains.

Well some of my favorite web backend engineers are here. Are y'all mostly writing rest backends or adopting graphql or streaming events or other patterns for live web apps? So many good arguments to be had for any given pattern.


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