Why does your itch desktop client look different? We shipped a major update! itch is faster and cleaner than ever before and we talked to the mind behind on these updates to find out what this means for you.

@itchio Yes! Front page feature all my games from now on.

(That's how this works right?)

@itchio In all seriousness. I love the app and butler! So happy to know it's getting even better. Great work @fasterthanlime !

@Efi @itchio I've been using the beta for a week or so now so certainly!

@brainblasted I'm not planning on it. I've been following the various "app container" formats, and I just don't have the resources to support them right now. The app ships with its own updater, its own sandboxing, it's sorta hard to retrofit into what flatpak/snap/appimage expect. ^amos

@brainblasted I'm sure this isn't the last time this will get asked, tbf. And since everything is open-source, there's nothing preventing people from making their own builds, packaged however they want. They just won't be officially supported, because we need to know that we're able to push updates swiftly to all platforms we support. ^amos

@itchio Is there a way to turn off the updater during the build process? I might be able to put together a flapak manifest

Congrats to all the devs and kudos for being on mastodon

@itchio Will the old app update itself to this eventually?

@joshg @itchio nope, the installer changed completely. Gotta download from this time

@itchio do I need to uninstall games too? Or will it find previous installed stuff?

@joshg it is designed to import game installs performed on previous versions of the app. They may take a little while to show up.

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