When it comes to getting all those holiday gifts, the one thing the @eff is looking to fight is to establish a right to repair and hack your devices. Check out their newsletter and show your support today! buff.ly/3nWJbpg

Early on in our , the @sudoshow mentioned as one of the key technologies to focus on these days. That's even more true now that has helped co-found the . Check out the story here: buff.ly/343Tv7c

One of the key tools to running containers on @fedora is Fedora . If you've been wanting to try it out, take a look at this quick start guide! buff.ly/2VaFQGt

Linux Home Directories could be getting an overhaul in the coming months. @thenewstack recently published an article about Lennart Poettering's plans to bring a new twist to a staple of systems! buff.ly/2USFbcS @pid_eins

We love talking on the @sudoshow about time management. @redhat 's has released a guide to tools and strategies that can help spend more time away from the keyboard. Check it out: buff.ly/3fkG1Iu

Its sometimes hard to see what the next evolution of your career looks like for a . Enterprise Architecture allows you to leverage your experience from Operations to design the next network. Check out this post on @redhat's blog: buff.ly/33aWSIV

Whether you call it tribal knowledge or hoarding, keeping information contained within a select group isn't healthy for any organization. See how Katrina Novakovic see's knowledge sharing at @redhat in her Business Chief article: buff.ly/2K72Eoi

Achievement Reached: - It was a fun experiment but i am glad to look like myself again!

Next week, on December 8th, @redhat will be hosting an ! This is your chance to get the technical and non-technical questions facing your company addressed. Not to mention, there will be a giveaway! Get registered today: buff.ly/3f78eT7

The day has come to lay to rest @redhat Enterprise Linux 6. You were a great operating system. You will be missed (okay not really cause 8...) but hey, I loved RHEL6. Its End of Life now so time to upgrade!

The time has come for the multi-week experience that is AWS 2020! Go check out ALL the amazing content coming out the next few weeks starting today! buff.ly/QMDtzB

Making progress on the lab! Got my 8 server installed along with my new Unifi gear from ! Containers and VMs are next, mwahaha! @redhat @sudoshow

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Despite everything that's happened this year, we all still have SO much to thankful for. Enjoy this time wherever you are.

In the ever growing chaos, it is amazing to see the and @redhat working together to leverage to combat the growing pandemic. Read this article from Information Age and a look at the new ! buff.ly/3pzOmNl

Between work, the @sudoshow , and all my hobbies...I digest a TON of reading every week. I've been using to help control the chaos. I really love how much easier Inoreader has made consuming all that content. :) buff.ly/1aILQpC

It maybe a this year, but I am still certain the content will be amazing. Check out all the cool content coming up in just a week! buff.ly/QMDtzB

@dbrandonjohnson and I had an awesome time talking with on the @sudoshow Check out episode 13 released yesterday for the full interview about his work and his new book "Cloud Native Spring in Action" with !

I am really excited to check out the new @eff "How to Fix the Internet". The first two episodes are already live. Check it out! eff.org/how-to-fix-the-interne

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