Hello! I'm a researcher from Bombay. I'm a social media un-enthusiast probably coz I'm terrible at it. Here in hope of some sense and solidarity.

@itida Welcome... Pic please and do add bio to your profile... makes it easier for people to look you up, follow and interact...

@itida like this un-enthusiast thing. Works for me as i am too from the same league.
Welcome aditi

@itida Hello Aditi, welcome to the fediverse.

This is a lot more interesting, more friendly than the soul-less huge networks, or the one infested by radicalized people chasing opponents, etc.

Haven't been here long, but it has a lot of interesting content - not the pablum flowing by in the FB timeline, not the hate and propaganda on the birdsite.

Enjoy your stay. 😄

@itida Just looked at your profile and see you are a dog lover, pity. 😛

We hae a nice Cats bot here, something I missed badly at first when moving from birdsite.

Maybe there's one for dogs too.


edit: found it -- see #dogsofmastodon hash tag for photos!

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