@nev @itsDaninsky Ten Awoos That Are Corrupting The Youth (#7 Will Shock You!)

@itsDaninsky The Underground Social Network That's Turning Your Kids Into Furries

also wrt that last toot

"what's the alt key combo for é again"
[someone toots with an é in their name]

what mastodon journalism needs is an undercover exposé

"I Logged In With A Witch Hat And Paws. This Is What I Learned"

subtooting is when you're tooting with nothing but a subwoofer plugged in and somebody pings you

my forbesona is is the guy that underlined muppets in their legal pad

my forbsesona is named Jared he eats a plain unsliced bagel on his UberPool to work every day and he NEVER gets crumbs on his button-up

tech bloggers: mastodon will never go anywhere, federation is confusing and i dont like toots

me: welcome to c y b r e s p a c e be sure to florp someone's ping,

"ok but what's mastodon's business plan"
posts are now toots
timeline goes chronological

tech bloggers: mastodon is open source and allows 500 characters

me: mastodon is very queer and my friend

it's so bizarre that everyone's judgment of mastodon's success uses the same rubric as twitter's success.

for me, marginalized ppl feeling loved, cared for, and supported in a radical, restorative space is a success and I don't think forbes will ever understand that


if theres one thing kemono fursuits have so right it's the gloss over the eyes

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