sooo... why can i click the little stars on posts on the feed thing but if i go directly to the persons page i cant? :\

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@itsZdan it's because if you're on the persons page, your browser is talking to that persons sever instead of your own - which doesn't actually know who you are!

There are potential ways to work around this, I think (using protocol handlers to make the browser understand that a click on any webpage should go to your home instance) but browser support is apparently very finnicky right now.

As a workaround, you can copy the posts URL into the search bar of your own instance and open it in the

@halcy for someone that is here for the 1st time all of that seems very confusing :(

@itsZdan I absolutely agree, honestly. I've been here effectively forever and that remove following and faveing and boosting on a persons profile doesn't work very well still annoys me.

I do wonder why it doesn't work, actually - in theory, there is a web+mastodon:// protocol handler (remember the little popup when you first logged in in which you had to okay it?) that should take care of this, but it doesn't seem to work for me ever either.

@itsZdan web UI that way, which is pretty terrible, but that works, at least.

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