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It’s Wednesday morning and I have ~GameBoy feelings~

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youve heard of hot coffee, you've heard of iced coffee, now get ready for: room temperature coffee

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Personally reducing my carbon footprint by spending today putting shelves on a train via public transport.


Hanging out with a cold weirdly haven’t had one for a while

Honestly you don't need a car. It's fine. We've moved house by tube, we've moved county by train, it's all fine.

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Neither myself or my partner drive so we keep hatching weird hairbrained schemes to do things without cars.

Currently looking how to coordinate bringing back some big shelves on the eurostar when I next go to London

The truest mastodon mood is making an alt over instance fomo and then oscillating back and forth between your accounts unable to make up your mind where to post


Can't believe how little you have to scratch to find fucking fashy weirdos in Flanders who are convinced that a fight on a saturday night in a square full of some 30 odd bars is somehow a sign of the end times caused by multiculturalism :angery:

Genuinely tempted to buy a Nokia 2720 that thing looks dope

If you've the right, register to vote, because this is going to be a fucking shitshow

I don't have any good political takes I'm exhausted but luckily I should be able to get my belgian residence and irish passport before october 31st so :yell:

I inherently do not trust someone who chooses to sit on the downstairs of a double decker train

Listening to Le Loup as I work on the final chapter of my thesis, remembering that little teenager who wanted to learn how to code and do a physics PhD.

I fucking hate that guy, he's the entire reason I'm in this mess.

It's absolutely astounding how many times I've had to resort to using Sci--Hub to write my own darn thesis? I have access to university libraries but even then I have to pirate papers.

God MBV (the 2013 album) is actually so fucking good

Over the next year my parents are planning to clear out our attic which is going to mean reckoning with a lot of old video games, it's gonna be fun

Proud to say I personally trample over the free speech of Nazis by using @tootapp with no-Gab mode.

Just trying to stand here and there’s flies in my face smdh

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