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Just trying to stand here and there’s flies in my face smdh

idk what to toot about thesis is sucking up everything all I did today was write some words and go to the shops to return some mouldy bread

Hey turns out if you decide to leave your research field it becomes hard to talk to your colleagues in that field who woulda guessed

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Shout outs to Henry, my alter ego who exists only so I can order food and coffee without hearing people mangle my fucking name

I will always sit at the front of a double decker bus and always on the top of a double decker train

Me, earlier: Oh boy two hour train journey, maybe I’ll have the chance to play some Smash or Wargroove

The github issue I’m tagged in, sitting in a queue on the mail server: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

A cool thing about having several languages of iOS keyboards is sometimes my phone will get creative and just throw in a word from another language when I mistype or use a non-dictionary word

Inject the base synth from Evening and Teenage Birdsong by Four Têt directly into my fucking brain

How the hell does clothing/fashion work I have no idea what I want or how to pick things everything just looks bad on me

"This essay details the history, geography, mechanisms, enablers and inhabitants of the offshore world.....

This focus also allows us to counter the idea that the many nationalists currently rising across the world are ‘challengers’ to the global order. On the contrary, our counter perspective considers the global rise of authoritarian nationalism to be a logical continuation of the neoliberal project."

This essay is a good read

climate feels 

That new 1975 song is lovely but also I’m so fucking scared of all this god

TL;DR on The Great Hack: You are not immune to propaganda :bongoCat:

It's 31C in my appartment so I am truly the hot boy now

Bon Iver, Bon Iver still fucking slaps I will accept no further comments

Sometime I take comfort in knowing imposter syndrome is just that; sometimes you realise you didn't fully understand part of the project you're trying to get a PhD for in one month's time and that comfort is entirely removed.

Still reading Question Content in 2019 and I'm honestly not sure why it's just been habit for the past *checks notes* 9 years???

Love to find bugs in my software that miraculously cancel out due to algebra

Bird site, stale takes 

Well, I finally got the new twitter interface and boy howdy is it horrendous and unusable; immediately wrecking any kind of chronology, surfacing weird horrible bad replies in my face from ❄️ 🍑 weirdos, and just... looking... bad.

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