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Born in 1989. Reluctant businessman. Gujarati. Foodie. Lazy. Rebellious. Passionate about reading, cricket, chess, badminton, movies & public speaking. Prefer discussion over arguments. Intolerant about plenty of stuff that my Toots might explain better.
So far the experience here has been good & hopefully it gets better with you all.

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We live in an era where the lesser evils are almost as good as flawless, because the greater evils have literally crossed all limits.

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We can run from politics, but it will follow us everywhere.

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To know the truth about some of the most shallow people & still pretending that we only see the good in them ; for professional, existential or personal whatever reason it may be..thats one of the worst things ever. I still don't know how people do it.

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Decided to stay away from politics & not tweet/toot anything regarding that. Its only the second day, its tough to look away once you know whats happening & that our nation needs every minor voice to oppose some really evil heads right now but personally there is a little less anguish & sadness inside the mind. Selfish?! Yes. But mental peace matters & one random day we just know the limit.

Rahul Tripathi
Sunil Narine
Shubhman Gill
Andre Russell
Nitish Rana
Dinesh Karthik
Pat Cummins
Chris Green
Shivam Mavi
Kuldeep Yadav
Sandeep Warrier
My Xi for next match. Hate to keep Morgan out but the team lacks bowling options & top order needs back up

Only Dinesh Karthik can handle death overs steadily ,huge challenges without Andre Russell clicking at the end...Chris Green & Tom Banton might need to get in the team soon because this Xi looks extremely weak, relying on middle order batsmen way too much.

Shubhman Gill is a future star, Sunil Narine is brilliant for sure, but together they don't form a threatening combo ; one is too young & other is unreliable. Problem for KKR

From inexperienced bowlers to untested toporder, every weakness of is being exposed at the very start itself

Not a fan or Brendon McCullum's style of coaching or captaincy, way too laidback & dependent on luck, basically no Plan B. Dinesh Karthik & Eoin Morgan have to work extra hard for KKR as its a young unit.

MI have a huge advantage with Rohit Sharma going strong, Pollard-Hardik to come. KKR is looking at a heavy high pressure chase. Their bowling will be targeted by every opposition

The worst possible start for KKR. The way things are going, chasing this against Bumrah's death bowling looks extremely unlikely


Dogs sang in chorus in between our sleeping hours around 3 AM so I woke up to rudely request them to move aside, sadly that lead to the door being kept open for few seconds which in turn made an opportune moment for mosquitoes to sneak in & attack. I would wake up again thanks to their love bites on my legs, head to the bathroom to wash my feet where thanks to my sleep I turned the tap on & got trapped in a shower, that was @ 3:30 am & here I am still looking for that sleep that was lost!


Just out of nowhere, I am having the most stressful night possible in recent times, can't even think or pray.

KKR, KXiP, SRH & RR should make it to the semis. Tired of Ambani (MI) & Srinivasan (CSK) take unfair advantage through budget to lead the table, although DC will also be a contender due to Ganguly being involved....

Surveillance capitalism is the same as climate change, but for data:

- Some people have been warning about its consequences for years
- Most people don't care because they don't feel concerned, they can't see it affecting them
- A few companies are making a lot of damage with the help of governments
- When we will face the consequences it will be too late
- We can still do something about it, and the sooner the better


ANI's tweet would make it seem like these are farmers from different parts of Kanpur district. Actually, they're all sitting around the same tree.

And how does one ascribe the same quote to multiple people?

Cartoonish errors by , and their spineless middleorder were the key reasons of their loss, they need a reliable hitter in middleorder. struggled with their batting in late overs, Bhuvi owned them. Chahal saved the day.

I feel...people are using the whole 'we have to learn to live with Corona' as an excuse to ignore its existence and going about as if everything is normal. Nothing is normal. People are still suffering and dying.

lost the easiest 2 points available to them. KL Rahul & Pooran were the worst choices to face Rabada, Maxwell- Axar Patel should have batted the entire super-over, there was Gowtham too!

Mahua Moitra is the kindof woman India needs to bring the desired change.

Hardik Pandya playing like a Hardik Afridi....come on you are better than that.

For those who get the reference...Akshay Kumar kinda reminds me of John Wayne.

I think you people don't realise that you were given command to run a country and not to play Ludo. Your stupid experiments have destroyed entire


"Financial Frauds Spike Due To Digital Payment Dependence": Ajit Doval


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