@mrb I am a fairly technical user, but WriteFreely is not intuitive to me.
I signed up but I don't know how to discover content. I clicked on the Reader link, but it showed some random articles in languages that I don't know.
I don't know how to discover/follow authors.
It said please follow @info but when I clicked on it I couldn't find a follow button.

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@mrb After logging in, the home page takes me to a full screen editor. Feels like WriteFreely, is only optimized for writing, not for reading or discovering content.

@itsfarseen It definitely is optimized for writing.

Following is done through 'activity pub' which means you need an account elsewhere (like on mastodon) to follow a qua account ( like @info )

Discovery is indeed an issue, not only for writefreely content but all other /fediverse/ content.

@mrb ooh that makes sense. So we use WriteFreely for writing only, and use mastodon etc for discovery.

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