Ditched Twitter for Mastodon? :mastodon:

Are you using Mastodon for the first time? How's the experience so far?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts, and help us know if you're new here:

@al1r4d @itsfoss well, the post is called "ditched" twitter for mastodon.. eh


Tbh the network has more software than mastodon and a lot servers use them; referring to the network as mastodon is like calling email ‘gmail’

@joel_walbert We'll make sure to add plenty of options to future polls. Can't edit this one 😄

@itsfoss used Twitter for years, then used both for a few months and now made the decision to only use Mastodon and deleted my Twitter account.

@itsfoss still using both. Love it here but social networks are all about the the user base and many of the people and accounts I want to follow are still only Twitter, that I know of.

Do prefer this side, though. I agree with where mastodon differs from Twitter, even if poor gargron is struggling to help the instance keep up with the hammer it's being hit with right now, lol

@itsfoss I need the option: active on Mastodon and Twitter for more than 2 years!

@itsfoss can you please remove google analytics from itsfoss

@itsfoss uh i use pleroma, i mean everyone uses activitypub here i tink :3

@itsfoss I already ditched twitter some time ago but I guess this just got me interested again

@itsfoss total noob here. Still learning the platform and I don't know about a lot of things here.

Currently, I'm still using Twitter but as soon as E*on will take it as his, I'm out of there.
Other reason why I'm still there is that a lot of people I follow is only there (or at least I don't know they are here)

@itsfoss bit of a learning curve but it's not very steep, seems to be a pleasant, well mannered sorta place so far.

@itsfoss Old user, active again before the whole Twitter-Elon Musk thing

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