other non-art projects finished recently:

-i made an ipad case? i started with a tutorial online but got so annoyed with it (why would you affix elastic to any kind of backing ever with MOD PODGE, get out) that i cannibalized it. now it uses ribbons and also has a button strap that allows it to sit at a good drawing angle. yey. i'm not super keen on the fabric and have some other improvements i'd make so no pics until i redo it lmao


-i finished converting a pendant lamp (this one: ikea.com/us/en/catalog/product) into a wall plug lamp. it's a project that took concentration, money, and a level of energy that i rarely have (it turns out that electrical bullshit is hard who knew) so it's taken like two years lol. gonna take pics once it gets hung up >:0 yeehaw

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