"nero you're still busy with golden trick and writing poorcraft and you haven't even finished the next issue of salt & pepper or starting on that tarot deck project-"


@itsnero As a legit vampire-liker no matter how snotty people can be about them I wholeheartedly support this creative decision whenever and however it may come to pass.

Strong chance I'd do fanart based on concept alone, I enjoy those bloodsuckin' jerks.

@Ferrovore VAMPIRE IS SOME OF MY FAVORITE STUFF but i've also never read any anne rice books or played castlevania so my brain pulls from Unusual Directions when thinking about vampire stories, haha.

@itsnero See this makes me even more interested in seeing what you'd do!

@itsnero (although I think you'd get a kick out of the Vampire Hunter D movies if you've not yet see them, each is a beautiful treasure in its own way)

@itsnero The original is EXTREMELY eighties in the best way and Bloodlust has some amazing setpieces and some collar-tug-worthy blood-drinkin' scenes.

Not that I'm, uh.


@itsnero I haven't read the books they're based on so I can't say how faithfully they've been adapted, but they're goofball bonkers in a very, very sincere way that's easy to both goof on and really enjoy.

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