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patch badge for good friend Hye !! swing by my table in the east dealers room to nab your own!

the pocket guide looks so good this year and my opinion may or may not be influenced by the fact that i did the art for it 8)

found the bird I designed for FC In the wild!! (I was one of the staff artists this year!)

who will you help? will you give a gay coin to the man with a tiny armed boyfriend? or will you give a gay coin to the girlfriends who don't know that their tank top corsage is actually a giant fucking bug?

hey mastodon look what i discovered today! i'm losing my mind!!!!

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some test pages from a pitch I was brought on for early last year- if I remember correctly, this was a gay interpretation of The Tale of the Heike? unfortunately it didn't really go anywhere.

hey y'all! with FC just around the corner, I'm opening for patch commission preorders once more! email me at to reserve yours and have it before the con even starts!

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Hey folks! If you're interested in the idea of a gay SFW anthology about larger men, check this out! Four stories by some all-star talent (I'm in it so I might be biased buuUUUT), with less than 1.5k raised so far out of a 4k goal! 11 days left!!

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18% off all items in @irisjaycomics 's and mine's shop until next Monday! we're going to be restocking and changing some items after we come back from Further Confusion, so now's a great time to poke around!

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trying out pencilling the next round of Golden Trick pages in Clip Studio Paint! kind of too early to decide one way or another, unfortunately.

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the investigation continues in this month's Golden Trick update! catch up on the @slipshinestudio website.

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pssst- if you want to read my 14 page silent comic about a long distance relationship between workers in the arctic, pledge to the Bear Company anthology Kickstarter!

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via birdsite: โ€œComing from Iron Circus Comics and @itsnero in 2019: You've been asking, so we're delivering: THE POORCRAFT COOKBOOK! A whole volume, dedicated to penny-pinchin' cookery, from an absolute expert!

yโ€™all got no idea how pumped I am for this!!