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DAY TWOOOOO come to table D13 for comics and sundries!!! @irisjaycomics

i havent been able to stop thinking abt this image from the Fairy & Human Relations Congress which is of course a thing that happens in washington state

NEWWWW GOLDEN TRICK UPDATE BY ME AND @irisjaycomics !! We crest page 100 in this update and there's still got a ton of story (and butts) to go, wooo.

Read it on Slipshine:

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what'd the barefoot contessa do to YOU, huh

I've also just added the leftover patches from DINK to the shop!! Check em out!

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i picked up some new coasters from the thrift store today and i will protect them with my LIFE

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Nine days left!! There's even one reduced-shipping double set tier left, for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing.

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sneaking onto your timeline in the dead of night to post the final Carnivore Planet update for patrons, that's how I roll! It'll be up on when I get back from Dink on the 19th.

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