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NERO @ DiNK # ??

HEY NERDS the new Golden Trick update is now up on Slipshine!! read it and tell me and @irisjaycomics how cool we are.

(extremely nsfw.)

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trying out something new- tote bag commissions! I'm slowly edging my way into doing more weird artsy apparel so this is... more of that! $100 with only a few slots open. email me at! (I can also do more colors than b&w, including florescents and metallics!)

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sometimes pencilling comics takes what feels like a billion years and you gotta make your own fun, yknow

suggestive art of a buff tiger shark man! Show more

look at this cool *piterest mom voice* “breakfast nook table” I put together that is now a cat seat

I still need to fix a split and finish it up it was actually easier to just mount it and finish the rest later

also we need stools lol.

day four of !!! i’m so tired that i typed “day three” initially. send help.

only seven patches left with four hours to go on the floor, get em while they’re hot!!

day three begins and I’m already cold!!!! come visit me so I have body heat near my table thanks

food, but also ECCC! Show more

ECCC is coming up fast- here's a quick map so y'all know where to find both me and lovely @irisjaycomics this weekend! we've got comics, stickers, and other fine sundries! etc!!

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the latest Golden Trick! update by @irisjaycomics and me is now up on Slipshine!! our two heroes sneak into a frat house and... well. you know. read it here!! (18+ only!)

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