Did that "draw your friends characters in your own style" meme over on birdsite!! A+ nerds would nerd again.

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My patron-only sketchbook PDF is now available! 38 pages of life drawings, porn, comics process info, and more!

(Aaaaand you don't have to use Patreon to sign up!)


✨ The Collared pin set is now available in my shop! ✨

$15! Black enamel on gold! Click here to nab on of your own!!!:

Started on this pin-up of Shiro from Voltron after hearing that he’s now canonically gay. Eat it, nerds. :B

You can find the hi-res version and the .psd for this pin-up on my members only blog! Supporting my work monthly is only $5- check it out!

blog.itsnero.com/?p=175 / patreon.com/itsnero / bit.ly/nerosketchblog

finished inking this month’s Golden Trick update, now to spend most of tomorrow coloring…! 💀


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I'm working on a new project! Info pulled from the Pan Pacific Illiad twitter:

"It's a special day. A new Horizon awaits us. ♣️🌤️

panpacificiliad.com is live, along with the first 3 pages of our inaugural comic.

Art by @itsnero
Become a Patron today! patreon.com/panpacificiliad "

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additionally: holy hell I need to read beastars, look at this absolute unit of a protagonist. his name is legosi and he just wants to have friends.

we've been watching Halt And Catch Fire recently and this is literally all i was thinking about during the parking lot scene in the beginning of season one

June 2018 Sketchbook has been sent out! If you'd like to get your own copy (plus a copy of a previously unreleased satyr/demon focused sketchbook) and support my ongoing work, then go nab a subscription of your own!

patreon.com/itsnero / bit.ly/nerosketchblog

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I’m working on the first comic for this Pacific Rim online anthology!! Check it out!! (logo by @irisjaycomics ) patreon.com/panpacificiliad

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My pins have arrived!! More in-depth photos have been reserved for Kickstarter backers for now, but once fulfillment is over with I’ll be putting these in the shop ASAP.

instagram.com/p/BklL06GljxA/ /

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Finally got the chance to add an iPad to our studio toolbox! Super excited to not be trapped inside during the summer this year during once of the most deadline heavy seasons. ✨

Busted this out in about 30min, finished version will be up for subscribers/patrons in the near future. bit.ly/nerosketchblog

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