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extreme god level cat hack:

-buy disposable cat pans
-put the disposable cat pan inside your regular plastic pan
-put your litter of choice inside disposable cat pan

now chester can never tear another liner to shreds again AND it'll stay clean. I'VE BEAT YOU AT YOUR OWN GAME, LITTLE MAN

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also fuck it, more overwatch toots Show more

in case anyone had any doubts as to how poor my geography skills are: today i realized that yes, alaska is actually longer than the entirely of the west coast.

i sincerely thought it was like, nevada sized. whoops.

VANCAF is over and I’m ready to sleep for one thousand years, thank you to everyone who said hi this weekend ;A; ✨

Conclusion of part 1 of Blue Pill Arcade is now up for $5 patrons. Expect a PDF soon :)
#mastoart #comic #drugsandwires #cyberpunk

DAY TWOOOOO come to table D13 for comics and sundries!!! @irisjaycomics

Canada: hacked. Here I come Vancouver!! I’m gonna rub my gay little hands all over you!!

i havent been able to stop thinking abt this image from the Fairy & Human Relations Congress which is of course a thing that happens in washington state

phone has decided to just Not Connect to my data today so... apologies if anyone texts me and I don’t respond, I’m relying on the hotel wifi now 💀