Off to San Francisco for today and tomorrow!! What good comics things are in San Fran!! I don’t know jack shit!!

Thanks to everyone who swung by the table this weekend! Y’all are a delight. Hopefully we’ll be back in 2020!

Art Spotlight Sunday! (SFW and NSFW art in link) Show more

At-con NSFW commission for and! Best dong I’ve drawn in a grip, tbh.

( )

I do love that furry cons are the kind of space where someone can say “are you going to the blood ritual on Sunday?” and people will know exactly what you mean.

In addition to the new badges I'm doing for FC, I'm also trying out at-con digital YCH pieces! Prices are for inked versions of each, and all of these can be modified for whatever characters (including non-furry characters, if you're a WEIRDO like me). Get em while they're hot!

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New badge style for 2019: ANGLE badges! These eye-catching pieces of custom wearable art will only be available at Further Confusion 2019! If you're interested in a pre-order, drop me a line at!

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