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would I get kicked out of internet comics club if I did my hourlies on Saturday. probably not.


Pretty busy these days but I needed to remind myself I still know how to draw

(( yeah that’s my excuse )) #botw #link

Valentine’s Day commissions are open! $70 and include delivery by Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like one, email me at with the following information:
- Characters you’d like to see drawn
- Pun, if you have one
- Email connected to either a PayPal or Square account (I prefer Square/Square Cash) that I can invoice.

( )

Got the go-ahead from the organizer to post my piece for the anthology– the box aesthetic is based very loosely off of the Nin Jiom brand of candy.

You nab your own copy of the book here!:

( )

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i want to do... oversized prints... of galahad and uther making out. like 11x14 sized. thanks and goodnight.

the second set of witch's familiar stickers should be ready before ECCC, and i'll definitely be bringing new prints and a sketchbook collection, so there's that at least? :D

it's looking like i won't have the time/energy/wizardry to finish carnivore planet, launch a KS, and print the book before ECCC comes up, buuuut i should ideally have enough time to launch the KS itself before then. so get ready for that!!

It’s like pure concentrated theatre asshole smarm and I thought I escaped this when I quit drama club in highschool!!!!!!!!

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