Testing TopHat by @kaasiand through font creation. I love the tool. I just wish it could export to raw bytes on a .H file so the font could be imported directly on a C SDL program.

Caps finished, in red glyphs that "need review".

Flood fill with a stack working but it sucks, rechecks potentially each pixel up to three times… this needs to be faster.

The midpoint circle algorithm generates artifacts, as can be seen in the image. That said, it is pretty good for a raster environment...

100 circles with radius increasing by one pixel, all in the same color.

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The Museum of Other Things

A collection of things people make for their own use, and which are both unique and rarely seen outside the home. Each item includes an interview with the owner about how it came to be.

Most of the collection is vintage Soviet Russia when supplies of all kinds were tight and ingenuity was free.



You can say many things about China, but it literally is one of the most resilient social constructions ever made in human history.

Has gone through all forms of governance, wars of all sorts and has lasted longer than any civilization ever… and it’s still going.

The best way to fight criminality is to redistribute wealth.

There you go, I said it.

Less police, more taxes for the ultra rich.

I finally created a place to dump alll my understanding of what I read. Not guaranteed to be useful in any shape or form.


I think I am just writing my own static site generator . I would prefer to use my time for something else, but I can't seem to find anything even remotely close to what I need...

What of my whole life has been based on abusive relationships?

Which software do you use for your static sites out there?

I want to start documenting all my stuff.

Can we get dynamic web without AJAX back in fashion again?

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@selfsame instead of 10 print "hello world" like the qbasic book told me to write i wrote 10 print "ramsey is cool" and then i knew what it was like to be god

I hate “dating market” as an expression and as an idea.

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#uxnseq is a proof of concept music sequencer that uses the Uxn VM and runs inside of #sndkit. Sequences are programmed in Tal and compiled to ROMs. The ROMs are loaded into sndkit, where they control signal generators designed to modulate things like the pitch of an oscillator.


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