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jesus is poly because he loves everyone send toot
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I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

Star wars is completely stupid.

In the prequels, you had to be trained from when you were a baby to have any chance of using the force.

In the originals, some kid learnt how to use the force from some cranky old dude in a forest in a couple weeks

And in the sequels, rei uses the force without any training whatsoever

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CSS what is wrong with you. We all know ! means not. So why is it "!important"?!

i can just see what's going to happen with the when it's sold. It's going to be all over again. When FTTP is inevitably rolled out, they're gonna have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to the private NBNco

Fucking is shit. ADSL2 was better than this shit. Buffering every 2 seconds? Check. Lag? Check. Flaky service? Check

Fucking $80B for this shit? Fuck you government.

Gandalf: "Bilbo Baggins, do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks"

Also gandalf: *conjures cheap trick*

Watching lord of the rings. Aww yiss. What else would you rather be doing on a Saturday night

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Just found this on Reddit. I think I like Miley Cyrus more now.

The Australian government is always saying "Stop The Boats™"

Hmm. We came here on boats lol

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multi-billion dollar which makes money through advertising/tracking does thing to stop blocking advertising/tracking and people are suprised??

Holy shit. upgraded their hold music. Didn't know it was possible to make it worse

The forever nap sounds really good right about now

Trying to ring my case manager so she can help me deal with looking homelessness, but too anxious.

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