Hey internets! Any idea what this plant is? It was growing among my "I dug these up beside the house" alliums and I'm pretty sure it's something I planted on purpose, probably an herb, but I can't remember what it is. Doesn't taste or smell familiar.

Hey @ivanvector! Where in the world are you? That might help give you an answer. As a broad approximate I would look in the Caryophylaceae family, maybe some kind of Cerastium? The species I know in western europe arent very edible, but they are very common crop companions.

@botaflo Good point! I meant to say I'm in Atlantic Canada, Prince Edward Island specifically. Although I don't think this is a native plant.

@chaoseris Could be! I think I would k ow better than to plant thyme in the garden, I know it spreads. I transferred this clump to a pot and will let it grow, maybe when it matures it will be more obvious what it is.

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