Guitar players of Mastodon! What strings do you prefer on your instrument?

I'm restringing my Telecaster that blew a string yesterday and I've landed on D'Addario Pure Nickel XL 10's because, well, I had them. I don't remember what strings were on it.

@tqft I used Ernie Balls once on this guitar and they didn't sound great, and didn't last very long. I don't remember which ones they were though. I have an SG-like Epiphone that I also need to find new strings for, maybe I should try Ernie Ball on that.

@ivanvector usually D'Addario XL 9's. Ernie Ball 9's when I can find them for a good price.

@ivanvector A little bit late, but for .010, Ernie Ball Regular Slinky. Nothing fancy, but I always come back to Ernie Ball

@NiLace For today I'm spending my money on short scale bass strings since the store has them and I've never seen them in stock before. I remember having bad luck with Ernie Balls but I'll remember for next time.

@ivanvector Sorry for answering a little late (I was just browsing the #guitar #hashtag) My friend just suggested that you should use the D'Addario NYXL 9's.

@waweic Never too late for free advice :) I don't remember which strings I ended up buying, I think I went into the store and they had short scale bass strings so I bought those instead.

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