Hey internets! Any idea what this plant is? It was growing among my "I dug these up beside the house" alliums and I'm pretty sure it's something I planted on purpose, probably an herb, but I can't remember what it is. Doesn't taste or smell familiar.

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I don't know what inspired this. Well, I mean, there's a pretty good hint in the photo.

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I was lazy and declined Halloween this year but instead here's my Arthur Dent costume from circa a long time ago


Right after I took this photo it pooped, then turned to me and screamed until I left

The birbs are alright

cats, alcoholism probably 

Found this in a folder labelled "send to mom", dated 2012

"Could You Not? Thanks" is a new song for you to learn!

I feel like Rocksmith is trolling my quite poor lead guitar tonight

A few photos of this year's solar rainwater collection and delivery system. This year I had to replace the main battery and the charge controller after they weathered poorly last summer and stopped working. This summer's setup is hopefully more weather-resistant. Rebuilt the pump and it leaks a bit, I'll have to work on that.

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I think this might be the greatest photo I've ever taken

Product design weirdness, unnecessary asymmetry, math 

Just noticed that with this perfect triangle within a circle with five evenly-spaced support points, it should have been possible to make the triangle symmetrical with the supports, but it is not, and now I CANNOT UNSEE

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My attempt at marble rye didn't go amazingly. Still making me fat tho

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