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password generators are shit because they have to rely on the random number generators in your computers and software that the NSA obviously controls

the most secure password generator is putting a cat on your keyboard because nobody knows what the hell those devils think, not even the NSA

"We've moved beyond the idea that women wearing pants is a problem. Women wearing pants is powerful, it's strong, everybody accepts it, and it's associated with the patriarchy, it's associated with being male. The minute a man puts on a dress it's disgusting, so what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I'm not doing that anymore. I'm done with that. I'm a man in a dress and if I feel like wearing a dress I'm gonna wear one." - Billy Porter

MS Access coding 

MS Access coding 

Hi, I'm Greg, I'll be 40 next year, and I am currently listening to the White Album on vinyl for the first time in my life

2 nudes i really like, tumy, and dick, please compliments and flirts 

cats, lewd? self?ie no ec 

cats, lewd? self?ie no ec 

I've got three weeks to find a job before I lose my backup plan to foreclosure, and another month past that before I lose my home. I need gas money to get to job interviews. I'm eating the shipping on these bracelets to try and cover that. If you don't wear #jewelry or these aren't your style, please boost. They're anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, all 7 inches, and all $15 to or$tarlimanjoppos #maille #art #mastoart #chainmail

@SinnahSaint Ha! No, I know what it really means, meant it as a joke. I do have to remind myself all the time though. I should probably do more selfies and less Wikipedia.

Thanks for being helpful anyway!

Me casually browsing content warnings:

"why do all these selfies have edit conflicts?"

Anatomy moulding, probably lewd 

Anatomy moulding, probably lewd 

@gamehawk @Gargron Personally I don't care for that sort of art, I prefer a good story that's still a good story if you already know the outcome. But that's just my own personal taste, my opinion doesn't invalidate anyone else's film-consuming experience. Or shouldn't, anyway.

*watches Futurama for the 10,000th time*

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