teaching how to play and selling kazoos at a festival to smashed people and watching the horror on the face of their friends as you walk away is pure 100% clown.

if the people that go on white-saviour volunteering holidays really wanted to help they would just stay home and give the people who live there the travel money

@solarbear Some vegetables will self-pollinate if you help them along, I know it works with tomatoes and peppers. The flowers release pollen in response to vibrations from pollinators (bees) but you can mimic the vibrations with an electric toothbrush. I grew tomatoes a few years on a windowsill in Toronto.

So im looking to write up a short guide for people wanting to live a more solarpunk life whilst living in city apartments (so very limited access to garden/green spaces)

I'd really appreciate ideas or things people have already done.

And I'm trying to avoid "buy an x" recommendations

#solarpunk #askMastadon #ecopunk

I feel the need to update this. For some reason, after having done absolutely nothing, my pump stopped leaking. After extensive study my working theory is that a wizard did it.

don't be that cis person in queer spaces who writes "human being" on your nametag instead of your pronouns you don't get to decide "labels aren't important" if yours is already considered the default.

hi this is catdad here to say that the fact that the greedy nature of capitalism insists that small businesses must always be growing or else wither is fuckin toxic

open your etsy store and if you make $5/mo that's still $5/mo more than you had before and it doesn't matter if you never make more and you have to refuse orders from people.

there's nothing wrong with creating what you can and no more

thanks for coming to my ted talk

cats, alcoholism probably 

I don't know, I think it's a stretch to put on a playlist called "alt rock 90s hits" and hear Florence and the Machine. I'm not complaining about the selection really, just the categorization.

"Could You Not? Thanks" is a new song for you to learn!

I feel like Rocksmith is trolling my quite poor lead guitar tonight

Idea: browser plugin that processes food blogs and just shows you the damn recipe already

@gemlog @linkskywalker So pretty typical of ordering from China, then? I've had very mixed experiences, but the sellers have always been very reasonable and pretty much tripping over themselves to be helpful. Definitely beats being burned by Amazon and PayPal on basically every single order, and I'm not in the US so I wait weeks anyway.

@gemlog @linkskywalker Hey have you ever bought a memory card off that site? Is it trustworthy?

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