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dog video, dog eye contact 

penelope loves chest scratches


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the only 3 "e"s we should care about are:

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This is not my beautiful bune

no, seriously, it just wandered into my yard and then wandered out again

@ivpcz also why the fuck do the actors HAVE to play Andre and Michele that way. I feel like they’re about to fuck every time they’re in a scene together and it’s so uncomfortable to watch them play siblings

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Who let these writers kill of Fernando ? On top of the fact that he was one of the only characters I could trust anymore, he was also a representation of disability that was more than an incapable pity party and I’m mad that’s gone now

I’m annoyed Miley Cyrus is in this episode of black mirror

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prisons, politics 

Protests continue late into night in Villanueva, city home to many North American sweatshop factories located just south of San Pedro Sula in northern #Honduras. State security are firing live rounds at protesters. In southern city or Choluteca, protesters also remain on streets

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So I got a couple of new followers be ready to be disappointed with my problems

I’m listening to Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz and I swear I can smell the seats in the van I used to go to school in.

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I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

Lmao my crush will never like me back because I’m not Terry Crews and I’m really sad :))))))

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Y’all I just late night texted my crush a hella sweet thing and they’re in a differing zone and won’t see it but wow I wonder if I messed up oh well I meant what I said

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Fuck it. Here’s pictures of me speaking at a teach-in at Waterfront Park after the Won’t be Erased trans march, wearing a purple dress and a bone necklace with a cat engraved on it.

I was nervous, ya’ll.

I just really want you to be here so we can watch the sunrise together

I’m watching cartoons at 6 in the morning and I’m getting geared up to make breakfast I’m really happy

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