We are still offering free VPN access for anyone in Ukraine and Russia. We have servers ready not just in Kharkiv, but in other locations in the region (Helsinki, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest).

We are extending this offer of free VPN service to anyone currently in Belarus. We are aiming to reach more people - please help us signal boost this offer. Any recommendations on spreading the word would also be appreciated.

We stand with Ukraine: ivpn.net/blog/in-support-of-uk


Due to unexpected level of abuse we are pausing this offer now. Frankly, we did not expect people will spam and abuse a plan to support citizens of an invaded country. We know better now. We aim to restart this program very soon. Blog post updated.

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Sorry to hear you're program is being trolled, though that's perhaps to be expected now that information is crucial to modern warfare.

More importantly, thank you for making the offer available to the Russian people as well. They are also victims here, and I appreciate that you can see that.

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