me logging into mastodon: o me what fray was here

you may all be wondering. izukuwu on mastodon dot social, where have you been? i have no idea.

Cringe culture won’t die until all superwholocks have been eradicated

i threatened to give one of my instagram friends fleas because of this hellsite

idk how yall can eat and use this site every post is about cum

tootuals should dm me on discord im a dumbass who cant focus on more than one thing at once
"not nico yazawa#6116"

if mastodon dies we should all go to sonic tennis

whenever i log on here i feel myself losing years of my life

police sketch artist draws person based on you telling him what their kins are

full offense but people who make nsfw of underage characters under the guise of “they’re aged up” can fuck off

23 year old bro strider kinnie stop interacting with my posts

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