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apple ceo man: imagine.. an app for your feet
(6 months pass)
The Foot Cloud Has Been Hacked, Here’s What You Need To Know

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there’s a drain on the carpeted floor of this office, perfect for piss. cuts down employee potty time. they love it, I’m sure. managements sure. so we’re all sure.

i drive the van from van’s. the shoes. i get robbed constantly. they take the whole van. i just walk to a bar and hang out for a while. van’s is okay with it. it’s great. got an ideal life going on here

eating marrot slouched over in the dark with my back turned to the open door

netflix to capitalize with new bandersnatch styled brap series

there is nothing funnier to me than seeing the word brap typed out in a million different ways

damn. god is dead i guess. i’m kicking my feet up rn. it’s a shame, that whole thing

know god.

i would be much more fucked up if i were an only child i think

can you please phone this one in yourself, and then boost it. back hurts

they don’t say good morning in australia. they say bloomin onion. they really know who they are or whatever

nsfw shitpost 

back then, people were really ugly or really drop dead somethings. whole villages would cheer when hot people got together. it was like tv for them

got passed up to take on the role of the first hot guy patron saint. made it pretty far.. scheduling conflicts

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