might join goblin camp again? still have the invite i think...

@j997922 What is your main account on here? Is it this one? I want to follow all your accounts.

@ElfLord yea!! this is my main and only account now. all the others have been deleted or are on dead instances

@j997922 Yaaay ok good. How are you, btw? I just wrote a toot about a recipe I invented. I hope it goes viral. I hope I go viral and lose my anonymity forever.

@ElfLord i will try my damndest to contribute to that. and i am doing fine!!! trying to take smallish breaks pace during this 75 question quiz i started a little while ago

@j997922 Omg why are you taking a 75 question quiz? Are you trying to figure out which Winnie the Pooh character you are?


@ElfLord did i say 75? it’s just 5, but I’ve retaken it 15 times now. trying to see what it takes to get rabbit

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